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This key shows the main source CD/LP for the studio takes outlined in the different album sessions pages.
To access detailed track listing and information for a particular CD/LP click on the appropriate link - or go to the relevant page in the OTT directory to see the tracks available.

KEY Title - Subtitle Record Label {RL} Carrier
GREATEST Greatest Hits - Official Studio / Compilation Columbia 1CD
Tracks - Official Studio / Live Box Set Columbia 4CD
The Essential Bruce Springsteen - Official Studio Set
The Essential 2003 Bonus Disc
Columbia 2CD
PROMISE The Promise - Official Studio Set Columbia 2CD
The Ties That Bind - Official Studio Set Columbia 2CD
CHAPTER Chapter And Verse - Official Studio Set Columbia 1CD
1984AC June 4, 1984 - An Alternative Companion JEMS 1CD
AM American Madness - Remastered Darkness Outtakes Ev2 4CD
ASOBS Another Side Of Bruce Springsteen Columbus {CLBS} 1CD
AT Acoustic Tales 1979-1986 Backstreet {BSR} 3LP
ATEOD At The Edge Of Darkness Musique Sabot {MS) 1CD
ATMF A Tear Must Fall - Remastered River Outtakes Ev2 3CD
BACK Backsides 1CD
BB Blood Brothers International Noise {IN} 1CD
BFG Bound For Glory Flamingo Records {FR} 1CD
BIS Born In The Studio Archive Productions {AP} 1CD
BOB The Boss Of The Boardwalk Big Boss Man {BBM} 1LP
BSS2 The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol.2 - The Castiles E. St. Records {ESR} 1CD
BSS3 The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol.3 - 1970 E. St. Records {ESR} 1CD
BTF Before The Fame Pony Express {PE} 1CD
BTF2 Before The Fame (v2) Pony Express {PE} 1CD
BTF9 Before The Fame ('99) Pony Express {PE} 2CD
BTRCS Born To Run Complete Sessions H Production {HP} 2CD
BTRO Born To Run Outtakes 1CD
BTRS Born To Run Sessions 3CD
BUERM Born In the USA - Essential Rare Masters 1CD
BUOR Born In The U.S.A. Outtakes Remastered Moonchild Records {MR} 2CD
BWNH Born With Nothin' In Hands - The Remastered Born To Run Outtakes Ev2 1CD
CAST Castaway Classic Unlimited {CU} 1CD
DBTR Down By The River 2CD
DDITV Deep Down In The Vaults E. St. Records {ESR} 3CD
DDO The Definitive Remastered Darkness Outtakes The Godfatherecords {GFR} 2CD
DDOC The Definitive Darkness Outtakes Collection E. St. Records {ESR} 2CD
DO-1 The Iceman - Darkness Outtakes 1978 Vol.1 Scorpio {SCRP} 1CD
DO-2 The Way - Darkness Outtakes 1978 Vol.2 Scorpio {SCRP} 1CD
DO-3 The Promise - Darkness Outtakes 1978 Vol.3 Scorpio {SCRP} 1CD
DROC1 The Definitive River Outtakes Collection Vol.1 E. St. Records {ESR} 2CD
DROC2 The Definitive River Outtakes Collection Vol.2 E. St. Records {ESR} 2CD
DT The Demo Tapes Traveling Productions {TP} 1CD
EDR The Early Demo Recordings Vintage Masters {VM} 3CD
ESR E Street Rarities 4CD
ET "E" Ticket Ruthless Rhymes {RR} 1LP
ETRJ "E" Ticket Revisited JEMS 1CD
ETRV "E" Ticket Revisited Vintage Masters {VM} 1CD
EY The Early Years Early Records {ER} 1CD
FS Forgotten Songs Traveling Productions {TP} 1CD
FFOD Fistfull Of Dollars E. St. Records {ESR} 1CD
FOF Fire On The Fingertips 1LP
FOFC Fire On The Fingertips Chapter One Digital Records {CODR} 1CD
GR The Gospel's Rain Lucky Touch Records {LTR} 1CD
GS Garage Sessions Scorpio {SCRP} 3CD
GT The Genuine Tracks 1972-1996 Scorpio {SCRP} 4CD
HD Human Demos Flamingo Records {FR} 1CD
HDT The Hammond Demo Tapes Full Circle {FC} 1LP
HNWB How Nebraska Was Born - The Definitive Remastered Nebraska Outtakes The Godfatherecords {GFR} 2CD
HOD The Heart Of Darkness Skydisc {SD} 1CD
LEK Loose Ends Kiss The Stone {KTS} 1CD
LER Loose Ends Rough Cut Trax {RCT} 1CD
LES Loose Ends Scorpio {SCRP} 1CD
LM-1 The Lost Masters I - Alone In Colts Neck Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-2 The Lost Masters II - One Way Street Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-3 The Lost Masters III - Rattling The Chains Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-4 The Lost Masters IV - Big Expendables Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-5 The Lost Masters V - Heaven's Dawn Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-6 The Lost Masters VI - Travel In Fear Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-7 The Lost Masters VII - Stockton Boy Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-8 The Lost Masters VIII - Under The Gun Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-9 The Lost Masters IX - Love Is A Gun Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-10 The Lost Masters X - Jesse James/The Wages Of Sin Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-11 The Lost Masters XI - Walk Don't Run Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-12 The Lost Masters XII - Buddy Holly Revisited Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-13 The Lost Masters XIII - Restless Days Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-14 The Lost Masters XIV - Out On The Run Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-15 The Lost Masters XV - Slow Fade Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-16 The Lost Masters XVI - Garage Tapes Masters Vol.1 Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-17 The Lost Masters XVII - Wages Of Sin Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-18 The Lost Masters XVIII - Hollywood Hills II Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LM-19 The Lost Masters XIX - BITUSA Rare Masters Labour Of Love {LOL} 1CD
LMEC1 The Lost Masters - Essential Collection Labour Of Love {LOL} 2CD
LMEC2 The Lost Masters - Essential Collection 2 Labour Of Love {LOL} 2CD
MAT Man At The Top 1CD
MI Murder Incorporated - The Real Born In The U.S.A. Album The Godfatherecords {GFR} 1CD
MILM Murder Incorporated - The Lost Masterpiece (Remastered) Flamingo Records {FR} 1CD
MO Mr. Outside Wild River Records {WRR} 1CD
MPD Music Publisher's Demos 1972 Quality Compact Productions {QCP} 1CD
MT1 Missing Tracks Vol. One Thrill Hill Records {THR} 4CD
MT2 Missing Tracks Vol. Two Thrill Hill Records {THR} 4CD
MTQ Missing Tracks Trademark of Quality Product {TQP} 1CD
O&S Odds & Sods Crystal Cat Records {CCR} 1CD
ODM The Original Darkness Mixes E. St. Records {ESR} 1CD
O711S Outside The Seven-Eleven Store 1LP
OSOR Other Side Of The River 1CD
PS Prodigal Son Crystal Cat Records {CCR} 2CD
PSC Passaic Sound Check 1CD
PSS The Pre-Street Shuffle - 1966-1974 Flynn 2CD
PYP The Price You Pay - River Outtakes Erno 2CD
RO River Outtakes 1CD
ROOI Running Out Of Innocence - Born To Run & The Wild,The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle Outtakes The Godfatherecords {GFR} 2CD
ROU Roulette Route 9 Records {R9R} 1LP
RRR River Refineries Revisited Pia Records {PIA} 1CD
RTT Roll The Tapes - Studio Recording Rarities Collection Vintage Masters {VM} 1CD
SA Slipping Away 1CD
SA914 Sessions At The 914 1CD
SBRR Steelmill Bossman / River Refinery CBS 1LP
SC Studio Collection 1972-1979 Babel Records {BLR} 4LP
SFEM Songs For An Electric Mule Kill Seven Cats {KSC} 2CD
SMM A Self Made Man Vinyl Sound Records {VSR} 1LP
SO Studio On BS Fanclub Records {BSFR} 1LP
SYMKB Son You May Kiss The Bride Basil Records {BLR} 1LP
SOTE Still On the Edge Jersey Records {JR} 2LP
TFTV Treasures From The Vault Ev2 3CD
TDB Tape Deck Blastin' - BITUSA Outtakes Ev2 1CD
THLBB This Hard Land Blood Brothers Records {BB} 1LP
THLBP This Hard Land Boss Productions {BP} 1LP
THLRR This Hard Land Red Robin {RRR} 1CD
TTTBC The Ties That Bind Capricorn {CPCN} 1CD
TTTBE The Ties That Bind ESB 1CD
TTTBJ The Ties That Bind JEMS 1CD
TTTBR The Ties That Bind Red Robin {RRR} 1CD
US1 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.1 - The Early Years Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
US2 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.2 - Max's Kansas City 1972-1973 Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
US3 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.3 - CBS Auditon (Hammond Demos) Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
US4 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.4 - Greetings From Asbury Park Outtakes Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
US5 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.5 - E Street Shuffle Outtakes Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
US6 The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.6 - The Boss Vol.1 Yellow Dog Records {YDR} 1CD
UBTROC Ultimate Born To Run Outtakes Collection Fanatic Records {FR} 2CD
UH Unsatisfied Heart - Remastered Born In The U.S.A. Outtakes Ev2 2CD
UNE Unearthed (Version 1) / Unearthed (Version 2) Masquerade Music {MM} 1CD
UP The Unbroken Promise - Lighting Up The Darkness Sessions The Godfatherecords {GFR} 6CD
URT1M Ultra Rare Trax Volume 1 (Mosquito) Mosquito {MR} 1CD
URT1 Ultra Rare Trax Volume 1 The Genuine Pig {TGP} 1CD
URT2 Ultra Rare Trax Volume 2 The Genuine Pig {TGP} 1CD
URT3 Ultra Rare Trax Volume 3 The Genuine Pig {TGP} 1CD
URT4 Ultra Rare Trax Volume 4 The Genuine Pig {TGP} 1CD
VA Visions Of America Boss Records {BR} 1LP
VAFH Visitation At Fort Horn Acme Records {AR} 1LP
WAR War And Roses - Definitive Born To Run Outtakes E. St. Records {ESR} 1CD
YBNT2 You Better Not Touch 2 Crystal Cat Records {CCR} 1CD

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