Listed below are the artists, bands and individuals that Springsteen has shared the stage or recorded with. But also people that have a more personal relation with Bruce like family, friends and actors. Click the name for information about the date and locations. This includes:

  • the occasions that artists have joined Bruce on stage during an band or solo gig
  • the occasions that Bruce has joined other artists or performers on stage
  • the occasions that Bruce has contributed in a studio session
  • the occasions that other performers have contributed to a Springsteen album

When E Street / 1992-93 World Tour / Seeger Sessions members are listed, this assumes events outside of touring activities, including off-tour appearances such as Christmas shows, benefits, television performances etc. See the "Springsteen's Band'-section" in Statistics for information and performance lists for the bands. For those that prefer to scroll take a look at the dynamic full-list.

We currently have a total of 2665 different people and bands listed, incl. family members (also including romantic partners), recording personnel and an animal.

  • Persons: 2405.
  • Bands: 259.
  • #1 Fan: 2.
  • Animals: 1.

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