Listed below is every song that Bruce Springsteen is known to have performed live since 1965, or officially released on an album, single, or EP. Follow the links to find out when and where songs have been performed. Private (no audience) rehearsals and soundchecks are not included, nor are recording sessions. Partial songs (like "Mona" in "She's The One" or "Travelin' Band" in "Detroit Medley") are included, as are songs which Springsteen has provided backing guitar or vocals for other artists. We have grouped songs with an handwritten lyric sheet on a separate list. For these songs, the details include an image of the handwritten lyric sheet. For officially released songs we also include the lyrics. We also have a list of Orphaned Songs, a list of songs that are known from lyric sheets or other sources, but are not known to have been recorded in the studio, performed live or even completed.

If you don't feel like scrolling around (it's a long list!), we also have a the songs, sorted by album. Or check out the Top 100 most played songs and the number of times every song has been played, sorted by album. And for those who prefer to scroll through a list.

We currently have 1568 different songs listed.

  • Springsteen originals: 567.
  • Covers or collaborations: 1001.

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