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The Brucebase statistics and information section - for all those things you didn't know you needed to know.


Links to the biography of Bruce Springsteen and associated artists on Wikipedia.

Springsteen's Bands

Information about the bands that Springsteen was a member of prior to the creation of the E Street Band in October 1972, and the bands that come after. Included are the band members and lists of the performance-dates of the band.


Chronological overview of Bruce Springsteen official releases.

Tour Statistics

Listing of Bruce Springsteen's concert tours.

The Live Top 100

List of the top one hundred (tabbed) / top one hundred (list) most performed songs.


History and information about the venues that Springsteen has played over the years. Here you can also find how often Bruce has performed in a venue, city, state or country.

Relation (Musicians, Guest Appearances)

Information on all the artists and (non-)performers that Springsteen has shared a stage or studio with over the last years. This includes dates and locations. Want to find exactly when Bruce has performed with John Fogerty or Southside Johnny? Or when he recorded with Joe Grushecky? This is for you. (work in progress, might take a while to load.)


An overview of all dates and locations where Bruce participated in an interview.

Recording Sessions

An overview of all dates and locations where Bruce participated in a studio recording session, jam session, home session or video shoot. Generally this does not include sessions for his own albums - see On The Tracks for that.


Interesting stuff for you as a collector.

No Performance

An overview of all dates and locations where Bruce has lived or appeared, but did not perform.

Handwritten lyric sheets

Sorted, scanned images of Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyric sheets, collected through the years.


Brucebase's collection of Springsteen intros, one-liners, stories and audience interactions, transcribed for your reading pleasure.

Video Footage

  • The '70s (early years / Darkness)
  • The '80s (River / BITUSA / TOL)
  • The '90s (HT/LT / Acoustic / Reunion)
  • The '00s (Rising / Magic / WOAD)
  • The '10s (Wrecking Ball / High Hopes / The River / Summer / Broadway)
  • The '20s (Western Stars / Letter To You / …)


A collection of books and studies used as a Reference about Bruce Springsteen and his songs.

Nominations & Awards

An overview of Springsteen Nominations and actual Awards.


A collection of Facts related to Bruce Springsteen, interesting enough for you to know.

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