Studio Bootleg - Guide

A guide to the Studio Bootlegs

First of all - the disclaimer - sorry but it's necessary - This is an ARCHIVAL REFERENCE FILE - nothing more - it's not a catalogue from which to obtain ANY of the items described. This is designed to compliment the On The Tracks section of the website which is why all the many live bootlegs are not listed here. These pages have no links to sites which stock the material and indeed much of it is completely unobtainable anyway - it's a reference work and historical dataset. Now we've got that straight - enjoy.

This is a fairly complete list of known studio CD/LP boot releases - some of which link to relevant information and pictures of the actual item. If you have pictures or information not here please get in touch. Fan made CDR releases/compilations are only included here if they feature material not found on factory pressed CDs.

Some of the information presented here has been copied directly from Rich Breton's excellent guide to "Brucelegs" - that file contains all types of CDs whereas this file, as mentioned above, concentrates on those releases with only studio related tracks present.

Grateful thanks to all the fellow fans out there who have helped in supplying information or graphic files.

The old Brucebase provided just an alphabetical list of the boots, but just like the "On The Tracks" section you can also browse the information by the studio era.

Browse by studio session or the alphabetical list.

The many live vinyl bootleg releases are not included here, but are covered in the companion section - Vinyl Vaults.

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