Tour Statistics

On this page you can view detailed statistics for Springsteen's tours, including song counts, songs played per album, location in the setlist, and many more. Only the Wrecking Ball Tour is available for now, more coming soon.

Tour Statistics

(work in progress)

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Year(s) Shows on Each Tour Songs on Each Tour
2017-2018 Springsteen On Broadway Springsteen On Broadway
2017 Summer '17 Tour Summer '17 Tour
2016 Book Promotion Tour Book Promotion Tour
2016 The River Tour The River Tour
2014 High Hopes Tour High Hopes Tour
2012-2013 Wrecking Ball Tour Wrecking Ball Tour
2009 Working On A Dream Tour Working On A Dream Tour
2007–2008 Magic Tour Magic Tour
2006 The Seeger Sessions Tour The Seeger Sessions Tour
2005 Devils & Dust Tour Devils & Dust Tour
2004,2008,2012 Vote For Change Vote For Change
2002–2003 The Rising Tour The Rising Tour
1999–2000 The Reunion Tour The Reunion Tour
1995–1997 The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour
1992–1993 World Tour 1992-93 World Tour 1992-93
1988 Human Rights Now! Tour Human Rights Now! Tour
1988 Tunnel Of Love Express Tour Tunnel Of Love Express Tour
1984–1985 Born In The U.S.A. Tour Born In The U.S.A. Tour
1980–1981 The River Tour The River Tour
1978 Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour
1976-1977 The Lawsuit Tour The Lawsuit Tour
1976 Chicken Scratch Tour Chicken Scratch Tour
1975-1977 Born To Run Tour Born To Run Tour
1973-1974 The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle Tour The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle Tour
1972-1973 Greetings From Asbury Park Tour Greetings From Asbury Park Tour

Guest Performances & Appearances

Information on all the artists and performers that Springsteen has shared a stage or studio with over the last years. This includes dates and locations. Want to find exactly when Bruce has performed with John Fogerty or Southside Johnny? Or when he recorded with Joe Grushecky? This is for you. (work in progress, might take a while to load.)

Tour Premieres

List of all shows with two to nine (or more) tour premieres.

Special Events

Dates that are related to special events like festivals, benefits or personal events.

Cancelled, Rescheduled, Moved or Rumoured

List of shows that were rescheduled to another date, cancelled entirely or moved to a new venue, as well as a list of shows that are rumoured and/or have never been confirmed to have taken place.


An overview of all dates and locations where Bruce is known to have participated in a rehearsal session for a live performance.

Setlist openers and closers

Ever wondered how many times Badlands has opened a set? Wonder no more!! Compiled by Jake and accurate to the end of 2009's Working On A Dream Tour.

Setlist- and Ticketscans

  • Shows we have a Setlist-scan (Handwritten or Printed) for.
  • Shows we have a Ticket-scan for.

Song Count (by album)

The number of occasions every released song has been played live, sorted by album. (work in progress)

Full Album Performance

An overview of all shows with Bruce performing a full album in sequence.

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