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Springsteen issued the Ghost Of Tom Joad album in November 1995. Little did anyone suspect at the time that it would be six years and seven months (July 2002) before the next Springsteen studio album of recently written and recorded compositions would be released. Because of the tremendous amount of time that elapsed, the studio session period for what became The Rising is an enigma. Nearly all the recordings on the album emanate from one brief session period in early 2002, yet there are over five years' worth of earlier studio sessions of which only a few recordings have yet emerged – even though much was recorded.

Immediately following the release of the Ghost Of Tom Joad album Springsteen undertook an extensive solo tour that lasted for 17 months - until late May 1997. Bruce has mentioned that he wrote numerous songs while on this tour, some of which he actually premiered live during the tour. During breaks in this tour, Bruce recorded new material - from June to August 1996 and then from March to April 1997. Both sessions were held at Thrill Hill East (Bruce’s New Jersey home studio). Both were solo sessions.

Following the completion of the solo acoustic The Ghost Of Tom Joad tour in May 1997 Springsteen kept a relatively low profile and spent the summer months in New Jersey with his family. He held a studio session in November 1997 (the first of what is now known as the Seeger Sessions) and also participated in songwriting sessions with Joe Grushecky in December 1997-January 1998. According to interview comments by Toby Scott, (Springsteen’s audio archivist and recording engineer), it was in February 1998, during solo sessions being conducted at Bruce’s NJ home studio, that Springsteen approached Scott and said “let's do the boxed set”. Scott then went to work gathering the potential material from Springsteen’s massive audio library (located, along with Sony's sound archives, in the high-tech Iron Mountain facility near Buffalo, NY). Bruce’s NJ home studio (Thrill Hill East) served as the main operational center for all Tracks project activities.

In November 1997, several months following the completion of the Ghost Of Tom Joad tour, Springsteen undertook studio further sessions at his NJ home studio. About seven non-original compositions were recorded with a group of musicians Bruce had not previously recorded with. These have now become known as "The Seeger Sessions - Phase 1". Since the above-mentioned session produced recordings that Bruce subsequently decided to release on a stand-alone album, then please refer to [[The Seeger Sessions - Studio Sessions|The Seeger Sessions]] section for details on these recordings. Soon after (in December 1997 – January 1998) Springsteen undertook a song-writing collaboration session with Joe Grushecky at Bruce’s home studio. Song titles are known from this period but recording session details, if any, are unknown. According to comments made by engineer Toby Scott, it was in the early spring of 1998 (shortly before Bruce’s father passed away) that Springsteen told Scott the time was right to proceed with the long-anticipated box set of archived, unreleased studio takes. Although the Tracks project dominated activities during the remainder of 1998 Springsteen also recorded numerous new songs at his home studio during the February 1998 – February 1999 period, although little has been released.

Springsteen re-assembled the E Street Band for the Reunion (Tracks) tour. This tour lasted for 16 months, from March 1999 thru June 2000. Although no studio sessions took place during this touring period, there was an expectation that studio work with the E Street Band would follow this tour and a resulting new E Street Band album would emerge in late 1999 or early 2000 – however we now know that no such E Street Band sessions ever took place. In spite of the lack of E Street Band involvement in the studio Springsteen did, in fact, conduct scattered solo sessions at his Thrill Hill East home studio during the September 2000 - January 2001 period. Numerous songs were recorded – but details remain very sketchy. It is suspected that the base recording of only one of the fifteen songs issued on The Rising album emanates from these sessions.

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