DJ 2021-01-20 SiriusXM Studio, New York City, NY

Lawyers, Guns and Money: An Inaugural Special


"Welcome, E Street Nation. Fans, friends and listeners from coast to coast, and around the world. Welcome to our first show of 2021, and our first broadcast after the January 6 attempted insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. This is Vol. 17, titled 'Lawyers, Guns and Money: An Inaugural Special.' So let's get started".

"That was 'First We Take Manhattan', by Leonard Cohen. And we started, of course, with 'Lawyers, Guns and Money', that masterpiece of paranoia, perfect for this moment, by my departed friend and outlaw songwriter, Warren Zevon".

"Now, I don't know about you, but sitting in front of my TV on the afternoon of January 6, my responses went from 'What?', to 'Huh?', to 'Whoa!', to surprise, to shock, to becoming infuriated, to depression, to deepening anger as the days passed by and what had actually happened, most of which we barely knew yet, began to seep in".

"Now, I'm curious: What kind of narcissist are you that thinks you have the right to trash our People's House, stop the wheels of our democracy, while we are in the process of performing one of our most sacred duties, the peaceful transfer of power, in the most powerful nation on Earth, and to act based on a cheap, easily disproven lie of a stolen election, a lie that has been reviewed, disproven, debunked and rejected by every court in the land, including our own Trump-filled Supreme Court. I mean, who do you think you are to desecrate the halls of our democracy purely on the word of a delusional, broken, carny barker of a president, who knows allegiance only … to himself. He is a dime store seditionist and a low-rent traitor to the Constitution, and to the United States of America".

"I ask my good American brothers and sisters to value yourselves and your allegiances more deeply. Donald J. Trump does not deserve your good soul and your honest and heartfelt commitment. Your country, your real country, awaits and needs you. So I say this with pain and love in my heart: Don't waste your compassion on those who do not deserve it. You are better and worth much more than that. In this world, God's world, no infallible truth resides in just one man. There is only one truth, God's truth, and it is a truth of deep inquiry, humility in the face of facts, and it is grounded in the faith and love and respect you carry for your neighbors and your country. Let us all pray to God we have the strength to see clearly with our mind, heart and eyes, and that we may hold our faith high, humbly, and in service of our country and the truth. This is 'Land Of Hope And Dreams'".

"That was 'Land Of Hope And Dreams' by yours truly".

"There's a valuable piece by 'Times' opinion writer David Brooks that inspired some of my last spoken piece, and I want to bring to your attention. It's called 'Trump's War Within the Church.' It's really good reading. And I'd advise you to check it out. This is Jay-Z and 'Heart Of The City'".

"That was 'Thursday In The Danger Room', by Run the Jewels, and before that 'Heart Of The City' by Jay-Z, rapping over Bobby 'Blue' Bland's classic blues, 'Ain't No Love in the Heart Of The City'. Well, we're gonna send this next one down to Mar-a-Lago. This is Green On Red with 'You Could Not Get Arrested If You Tried'".

"That was the visionary guitarist Link Wray, the man who also gave us 'Rumble', and invented the power chord. Ask Pete Townshend. And that was his majestic, deadly version of 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue', by Bob Dylan. Link was an American Shawnee rock 'n' roll guitarist and vocalist who first came to popularity in the '50s, but I met him in the '70s, I think, when he was playing along with Robert Gordon. A great guy. Just a beautiful guy. And a deep, deep rock 'n' roll heart. We love and miss you, Link".

"Coming up… this is Neil Young with 'All Along The Watchtower'".

"That was 'The Future', by Leonard Cohen, off his great album The Future, recorded in, I think in 1992. Recorded as the Berlin Wall was falling, and the Los Angeles riots of the early '90s were occurring. They were all influences working at that time. Coming up, once more, my good friend Warren Zevon, with 'I Was In The House When The House Burned Down'".

"That was 'Reason To Believe' by yours truly".

"We are creatures whose veins pulse with hope, and faith, and love. I've made most of my life's work the pursuit of that hope, faith and love, and its evidence and power here in this world. We need shared beliefs and common values, to give us the ties that will bind us into a country and a people that will define our character and deepen our national soul. These days, I know those things are hard to come by. But they're there, and today is a day to celebrate them. So I'd like to send a small prayer out to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, to you and our country".

"That's our show for today, folks. Go in peace".

By Bruce Springsteen via E Street Radio.
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