DJ 2021-02-24 SiriusXM Studio, New York City, NY

New Born Soul


"Greetings, E Street Nation, folks, friends, fans, listeners from coast to coast and around the world. Welcome to Vol. 18 of 'From My Home to Yours,' titled 'New Born Soul'. Our theme today will be the rebirth of all things good, the essentialness of new transformations and good times in your life, and the nurturing of your spirit. So as you can see, we have our work cut out for us, so let's start with The Staple Singers, and 'New Born Soul'."

"That was 'Glad Tidings' by the great Van Morrison, off of his Moondance LP. Now most people would know our next artist from his classic 'Duke of Earl'. 'Duke of Earl' would be classified as semi-doo-wop, and a bit of a novelty record. But it undersells the great voice and talent of its singer. I have seen Gene Chandler live, and his voice literally blew the roof off the place. So this is Gene Chandler, with '(Gonna be) Good Times'."

"Alright this is Bob Dylan with 'New Morning'."

"That was Kanye West and Jay-Z, from Watch the Throne. A cut called 'New Day'. And before that was Precious Bryant with 'Morning Train'. Now if you want the rebirth of the soul, you will need the gospel. So coming up right now is the incredible Soul Stirrers, featuring the, once again, miraculous voice of Sam Cooke, when he was at his most youthful, and maybe at his best. This is 'Jesus, I'll Never Forget'."

"That was the Voices Of Victory with 'I Am So Glad Jesus Lifted Me'."

"The city of the dead does not want your worship
the spirits want to be free to join the next incarnation of our world.

Poem by Ciel Saint-Marie."

"This is Warren Zevon with 'Ourselves To Know'."

"As a good Catholic boy, I have spent my time pondering redemption, damnation and rebirth, over and over again. It of course has found its way into an enormous amount of my own work. So coming up is a triplicate by yours truly, starting with 'Real World,' from Human Touch, where I was fortunate to have the incredible Sam Moore accompany me. And after that, you're gonna hear 'Living Proof,' live from our early '90s MTV special, followed by 'My Beautiful Reward'."

"And that's our show for today, pilgrims. So keep searching, keep searching, and until we meet again, go in peace."

By Bruce Springsteen via E Street Radio.
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