Story 1971-05-15 Newark State College, Union, NJ

Intro to "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"
Steve: are you ready in the ambulance?
Vini: ha ha ha…ha ha ha…
Steve: When the Zoom does his thing, they take them out by the hundreds!
(Bruce's guitar starts feeding back and the band starts up)
Steve: OH MY GOODNESS !!! (song begins)

End of "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"
Bruce: Thank you now, thank you very much…..there´s the Sonic people, they´ll take a short break… alright….
Vini: are you kiddin' ?
Garry: (jokingly) that was called group therapy (referring to the large Zoom Chorus)
Bruce: Albee - Albany Al on the saxophone !
Albany Al: HONK TWEET ! (flurry of notes)
Bruce: Express yourself ! haha

Next tune is called by Steve "The Southside Shuffle"
Note: First of all, the bootlegger got the title wrong but that's understandable. No one outside of the band knew it was called the Southside Shuffle. Bruce made it up at rehearsal to showcase Johnny on the harmonica.
Vini: (joking) hey! the side show shuffle !
Bruce: (cracking up with laughter) "side show shuffle" haha

Note: This whole "sideshow" joke comes from the fact that Tinker kept calling Southside - "Sideshow" - something that Johnny hated. At first it was just a slip of the tongue but Vini and Tinker kept it up for a long time. John and Tinker never did get along.

End of "Southside Shuffle"
Bobby Williams: (in the back hollering) HOLD IT, MY PEDAL BUSTED !
030390|Bruce##: thank you now, thank you very much.
Albee: what broke?
Vini: Bobby's…got another pedal ?
Bobby: no….
unintelligible chatter…tape stops and starts again with Bruce strumming his acoustic guitar and sings "LOOK TOWARD THE LAND" solo acoustic. This gives Bobby and Vini time to fix the pedal.

Intro to "Last Night in Tulsa" The correct name for this song is "LAST NIGHT IN TEXAS"
Bruce: thank you now, thank you.
Vini: thank you from Carolina. George and Southside do the sideshow on the side.

Intro to "Jumbeliah"
Bruce: thank you now, thank you very much…we have a special treat -ha ha- for youse today…
Bruce: uh, Garry ?…

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