Story 1973-04-24 Bryn Mawr, PA

24.04.73 Bryn Mawr, PA, intro to ´New York City Song´
´´Last summer I got stuck in New York too much and uh….these are some of the things that should've happened, or shouldn't….

24.04.73 Bryn Mawr, PA, intro to ´Circus Song´
´´Thank….thank you very much, I´m bringing up some of the other guys in the band….come on up….you folks are probably saying….´What´s this folk singer doing dressed up so fancy, right?´ (chuckles)…this is our bid for competition with Chicago, this number….we bring out the, we bring out the brass…no jive, we don´t fool around…..I found Danny, uh, playing in the audience at a Lawrence Welks´ Show….playing so good, I asked him if he wanna join my band….this is a circus song….as are most of our numbers (chuckles)…ok….I´ll start it myself (chuckles)….”

24.04.73 Bryn Mawr, PA, intro to ´Santa Ana´
´´This is, this is a newer song, I went down to, uh, last winter I went to California and went down to Mexico…that´s a funny place, Mexico, ´cause, uh….you drive across the border….and there's all these bumps in the road, grrrr,grrrr, you´re driving down the street and …the Mexicans are smart, they, like I said, I was telling these people last night, they got all these, they got all these old cars, you know, and they drive like maniacs, they just….driving all over the place and the big thing, the big rage right now is, was….is they have autobody shops….I mean more autobody shops than you´ve ever seen in your life and, and the whole thing is metal flake upholstery, you know….do some of the best work you´ve ever seen and the funniest thing about it is ´soon as you drive across the border, there´s cats waving you into these places, these autobody shops, we´re driving a brand-new car, my father bought a new car, I was, I was going down to Mexico with my father…..and you drive across the border and all these cats are waving us into these autobody shops, I think they hire cats to smash into you….in Tijuana….really I think, I think they do….you know, right, sssshh, I think but….I don't know, anyway…I was able to shrug off the reality…of the situation….as usual….and, and, uh….and I romanticized myself into writing a tune down there….this is uh….I think this is it….”

24.04.73 Bryn Mawr, PA, intro to ´Tokyo´
´´Thank you very much, thank you, thank you….thank you very much, thank you….this is a song, I lived 18 years of my life next door to a gas-station in a small town in New Jersey and it was Ducky Slattery´s Sinclair Station….that was the cat´s name, Ducky Slattery, he was an older cat, older guy and I lived next door and you know how in a small town, uh, the place that the people gather is these days is down at the gas-station, everybody comes in and sits around, a guy comes in, somebody goes out, pumps the gas, comes back in and this Ducky Slattery and this cat Bill who was kind of the…..alcoholic….kind of….had, this guy had a pink Cadillac….it was a, it was a sight, you know, the pink Cadillac, he got drunk and smashed it up….uh, there was these, who else, oh yeah, there was this cat Danny….and Danny was the weird cat in town, there was two of ´em but (chuckles) right, one of ´em was us and the other one was Danny, Danny was the guy that was….you know, kind of, he was homosexual….you can say that these days….right? Jesus….you know, Danny´s making a lot of bread right now somewhere (chuckles) but (chuckles) but he was, he was ahead of his time, let´s leave it at that but (chuckles) he was a, and this other cat Crazy George who was just crazy….nothing else but that, you know (chuckles) rode a bicycle, older cat, older cat, rode a bicycle, still rides one, still rides one….saved up money for it, uh….true story, true story….oh yeah, Ducky Slattery had this one line he ripped off the Marx Brothers, anytime anybody´d come into the gas-station, he´d always say ´You wanna buy a duck?´….that was his big line, not too original but it worked, you know, he´d go ´You wanna buy a duck ? What´re you gonna do with a duck? What´s anybody gonna do with a duck?´….right….I had a duck, my father killed a duck for Thanksgiving once….helped me get out of the draft, went down to the Army, told ´em ever since I seen my father kill that duck, I go crazy every time I see a duck…..if I was out there on the battlefield in Vietnam and a duck came walking by, I might gonna nutty, I might shoot generals or something, I don´t know (chuckles) I could do anything, I don´t know what I´d do when I see a duck, anyway…..I was sitting outside one night….”

24.04.73 Bryn Mawr, PA, intro to ´Thundercrack´
´´We got a song for you now….that, uh, is about, is about my girlfriend….who I can´t say anything about ´cause she´s here tonight….she's, she's here with her sister….I´m gonna do this for her sister (chuckles)….
(….) Over there on the far left of the stage….the Prince of Passaic county….the maestro himself, when the man plays the keys, the little girls fall right to their knees….Little Danny…. over there on the not-so-far left….with his Masters in bassology, doctorate in overall funkiness ….Funky Chicken on the bass….in the back right here we´ve got the Mad Dog, we´ve got the madman, watchout, girls, he reads dirty books, Vincent Lopez on the drums…..and over here on my left, we´ve got a man, this man might laugh, this man might joke, this man might chew rope and smoke snowflakes but he don´t mess around, the Duke of Paducah….Mr.Clarence Clemons….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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