Story 1973-05-31a Richmond, VA

31.05.73 WGOE Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA, intro to ´Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street ?´ (following ´Satin Doll´)
´´(DJ: ´Well, welcome back to Richmond, Bruce, why don´t you, there´s some people here I don´t think many people know, why don´t you introduce your band´) Alright, uh, on the accordion on that number, Prince of Passaic county, little Mr.Maestro himself, Danny Federici (DJ: ´Welcome, Dan´)(?) on the tuba on that number (?) doctor of all around funkiness, from Long Branch, New Jersey, Funky Chicken, Mr.Garry Tallent on the tuba…. and on the saxophone, the Duke of Paducah, the king of soul, (?) chew snowflakes but he don´t mess around, Mr.Clarence Clemons….hey !….(DJ: ´Well, what do you wanna play ?´) I don´t know, let me see (chuckles) let´s try, try ´Bus Stop´….´´

31.05.73 WGOE Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA, intro to ´Wild Billy´s Circus Story´
´´(?)(DJ: ´In case you just, uh, started listening, what you´ve been hearing is live music coming from Alpha audio recording studios in Richmond, Bruce Springs, Springsteen and his band are here, they´re gonna be in concert tonight at the Coliseum with Chicago and they decided to come down and give you a little preview, by the way, thanks for coming down, how long has it been since you´ve been to Richmond, Bruce ?´) When we´re here ? we were here about, I don´t know, eight months ago (DJ: ´I´m not, I´m not from around here but I understand you used to play here quite a bit´)(?) you know, since, about three, three or four years, you know, played here, you know, off and on (DJ: ´And how long have you all been together ?´) oh, I´ve known Garry for about (?) years, Danny´s been around two or three years and, uh, Clarence is the newest guy but Clarence is like an old shoe (chuckles)(DJ: ´Well, you´ve got an old flute in your hand, what are you gonna do with it ?´) uh, something, something I´ve seen (chuckles)….are we ready now ? the duelling flutes, right ? (?)….we´re gonna do a song about the circus, ready ?….(?)….´´

31.05.73 WGOE Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA, intro to ´New York City Song´
´´(?) I´ll play the piano, I guess (DJ: ´While we´re changing instruments here, just let me tell you that, uh, you´re listening to this little concert from, uh, coming to you live (?) recording studios and you´re listening to WGOE, Bruce Springsteen is who you´re listening to and he´s gonna play the piano´) uh….now we´ll do, uh, ´New York City´….(?)….(?) everybody´s ready, alright, that´s good….´´

31.05.73 WGOE Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA, intro to ´You Mean So Much to Me Baby´
´´(?) let´s see, let´s do, uh, she comes to me, alright ?….let´s try that, where´s Danny ? right there ?….we´re gonna do one more (?) we gotta get over to the, uh….Coliseum….while I pick my ear (?)….this is, uh, this is a cue, you guys are gonna have to watch me at the end of this ….here we go….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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