Story 1974-01-06 Cambridge, MA

06.01.74 Boston, MA, middle of ´Thundercrack´
´´To the far right of the stage, we´ve got the little Mr.Maestro himself, the Prince of Passaic, New Jersey, plays the keys, little teenyboppers fall right, they fall left, they fall right, they fall down to their knees, Mr.Daniel Federici on the organ… the left, we got the (?), master of the long notes, a man whose mother was a Tallent, whose father was a Tallent, whose brother was a Tallent and whose sister is a Tallent, on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….at the piano, a man whose notes belong in quotes, whose groove has hung loose, 20 years old, digits of solid gold, from Belmar, New Jersey, Mr.Dave (the beloved one?) Sancious….that´s right, back on the drums we´ve got a man, we´ve got the Mad Dog, we got a man (chuckles) we gotta…we…we gotta keep him, we gotta set him way out back there ´cause he´s so vicious, diagnosed on a national, syndicated television show by Dr.Joyce Brothers, an authority, as a homicidal, schizophrenic, paranoid Roman-Catholic and the only man I know who snorts beer through his left ear, watchout, girls, he hates to be alone, the Mad Dog, the Madman, Mr.Vincent Lopez on the drums…..and last but certainly not least, a man who might laugh, who might joke (?) eat snowflakes but he don´t mess around, the Kahuna of surf and soul, the Duke of Paducah, his majesty, on the tenor saxophone, Mr.Clarence Clemons…..´´

06.01.74 Boston, MA, intro to “Let the Four Winds Blow”
“This is a song from when you used to be able to walk up to a girl and say…I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk…”

06.01.74 Boston, MA, intro to “Zero and Blind Terry”
“(Someone: “Rosalita!”) Oh, yeah, we’re gonna get to that (chuckles) we’re gonna get to that…(long pause)…this is a song about this guy Zero and his girlfriend Blind Terry and her father and some people in New York and it’s, it’s sort of we’re trying to get on TV in the afternoon opposite like “The Guiding Light” or something instead of being on like, you know (someone: “Mike Tyrean”) “The Special” or “Mike Tyrean” (chuckles) we’re, we’re trying to get like a half-hour serial, you know, like for a week and this is a song, so we figured about the right song that sort of, uh, the housewives could relate to a little bit so this is a love song – they tell you in the music business to, to, uh…pull America up by its heart strings and that dollar out of their pocket, write a love song (chuckles) my, my father used to tell me love songs were a government plot when I was a kid, my father was weird, man, I tell you (chuckles) and he, you know, he’d say (?) remember, remember “Paul and Paula”? (some in the crowd respond) man, you don’t get much stickier than that, right? well, well (chuckles) and, you know, I was thirteen and I was going to my first dance, you know, with this really weird-looking girl (laughs from the crowd) she was alright – I was really weird-looking too, you know (chuckles)(laughs from the crowd) but, uh…and, and “Paul and Paula” was the big number – you know, you’re standing in the corner and that song would inspire you to get the guts up to ask, you know, somebody, you know, to, to dance with you and, uh, like the public school dances weren’t too bad but at the, at the parochial school dances – like the CYO-things – they, they had this one woman, you know, old lady that would come around and embarrass you, you know, pull you out of your, yeah, pull you out of the chair and pull you into the middle of the room, you know, and try to get you to dance, you know, pull a girl, you know, “Get, get that sucker (?)” really and it was funny ‘cause that what they would do, you know, on Friday nights and then when you go back to school on Monday and the girls would all sit over there and boys would all sit over here and you had those little green ties and stuff (laughs with the crowd) you know, I went through that whole trip – damn…I had a jacket (crowd cheers) had on a green tie and green pants…and when they passed that law that you had to have ten minutes of physical education a day, like it was back in the ‘60s, I think Kennedy passed the law, you had to have ten minutes of physical education a day and we didn’t have no gym, you know, no public schools had any gym, we had no gym, we didn’t have no gym, didn’t have nothing so in rehearsal they’d get you out there – I remember the first day, man, because the nuns, the principal stood up in front of like the whole school assembled in the, in the yard out there, you know, and they had these speakers sort of like Atlas Horn Column, you know,(?)(makes a weird noise) you know, the music comes out like that, you know (chuckles) and we’re all standing there, right, and we’re ready for our first day of legal physical education, everybody’s there all, you know, dressed to kill, man, in your suit jacket (chuckles) and your shirt and your tie and she, and she lays on this record that they must’ve sent away for, you know (laughs from the crowd) and it’s like “The Bunny Hop,” right (laughs from the crowd) but first they give you, they gave you instructions: “Ok, when the record goes “Hop, hop, hop, you have to get down on your, your whole thing here (chuckles) you know, and, na na na na, hop, hop, hop” (laughs from the crowd) and like that was the physical education, you know, you’d do jumping jacks in your suit, you know, you’d come in (laughs from the crowd) it’s a trip, it’s a trip…I don’t know if they still do that or not…anyway, where were, back to the subject (chuckles) this is a love song about Zero and Blind Terry and her father doesn’t like him and he, they’re gonna run away and uh…I tried to do that once and they put a, put a court injunction (chuckles) I was like sixteen, I was really weird-looking then (laughs from the crowd)(chuckles) ‘cause I had a long hair – anyway, Zero and Blind Terry…”

06.01.74 Boston, MA, intro to “For You”
“(Someone yells for “Rosalita”)…Oh…we get to, we're still going, we're still going (chuckles)…oh…(?) can somebody hand me a glass of water? Chuck, will you hand me a glass of water?…oh… everybody get what they wanted for Christmas? (someone: “Yeah”) (chuckles) well, the girls got what they wanted for Christmas (laughs) yeah, oh…I remember, when…I got my first guitar for Christmas – anybody get a guitar for Christmas? (someone: “Yeah”) Really? did you, is it a good one? ((someone: “Silvertone from Sears”) Oooh, heavy, heavy winner (chuckles) now that's funny because…(someone: “This is from Joe”) this is from Joe? dynamite, we got it all over here…it's the first guitar I got…well, I worked tarring roofs and stuff, painting this house…I painted this house with this friend of mine, a very strange cat - nice guy though (chuckles) but I came in one day…(someone talks) hey, hey, hold it down there (chuckles) I came in one day and, uh…we were painting this old lady's house white, you know…and I wouldn't, I wouldn't come in every day, like I’d slip off to the beach a day here and, you know, so I was out for a few days and I come back one early morning and here's the cat and the whole damn side of the house is yellow, right ‘cause we have been painting the trim, right, and he forgot to clean the brushes, right, so I go over to the cat, I say "Man, that's the wrong color" (chuckles) the whole side of the damn house…so anyway I made 18 dollars on that job and, uh, I went down to, uh…it was weird where I bought my first guitar, it was an automobile and auto parts store and it was like they had two guitars up there and one was right in my price range - 18.95 – you know, they had it hanging up there amidst all the auto parts, it was, it was like, I think it was a Truetone, right - never trust them guitars that try to describe themselves to you (chuckles) Truetone, you know…and it was either that or, or between Silvertone - they used to make a Silvertone guitar that came in, like the case was an amplifier, right, with this squawky little speaker and stuff so I got that guitar and banged around on it for a little while and then six months later Christmas time was coming around - ho ho ho - so I said “Ma, how about having Santa bring me an electric guitar this year," you know, ok…so we go down to the music store and on the wall they had, uh, they had the good guitars, they didn’t, they didn’t have too many Gibsons at the time, Fenders, the Fender Jaguar, if you had a Fender Jaguar, you were happening, you could get the Beach Boys sound deluxe, man (chuckles) you could get that mother down, you know if you had Fender, but anyway I couldn't afford that so they had…a Kent - you remember the Kent guitars, man?…Now these guitars, these are all Kent and they had like this one Kent, one pick-up for like 69 bucks and then they had, uh, like a super Kent or something – it had more knobs and dials and stuff on it, you know…and then - now I can see how many remember this one - they had an Egmond…"Ooooh" the audience goes (chuckles) well, the Egmond, man, these guitars are weird, These guitars had, they were, they had like seat cover upholstery for the body, you know, instead of the regular wood and this guitar was out of sight, there was like a big E, big E on it and it had like a zillion little buttons, like if you go to New York, Gibson put out this, I think, it was one model, the guitar does, it sings for you practically, you know, and it’s got eight buttons and everything but anyway, I could only afford this, you know, Santa brought me this one pick-up model Kent with this little Zoco amp, you know, Zoco amps were like, you know, one little tweeter, you know (chuckles) about eight inch – not even – a six inch speaker and I blew that mother up the first day I had it (laughs) so we went over to my friend’s house and it was, it was the only amp they had ever seen, I think (chuckles) and, uh…when everybody plugged into it all (laughs from the crowd)(chuckles) into all (chuckles) all two inputs,right, all two inputs, everybody plugs into the thing and we’re bashing away on that mother, we only knew one song, we knew “Memphis” (chuckles) that was the only riff we could, we could get down (sings the guitar riff) that was “Memphis” so I blew that thing up and I had to take it back and we started playing through a tape recorder (chuckles) we used to rig that up…ah, damn, those were the days (chuckles) I don't know what to do now but…so Christmas guitars (someone in the crowd says something) I'm gonna, I'm gonna…I'm relaxing for a minute (chuckles) taking a minute off here (a guy asks “Hullabaloo still open?”) in Freehold? Nah, they closed that joint down, turned it into one of them…(someone in the crowd says something) that's right, years, they turned it into, uh, one of them race car places…you know, they had, they had them Hullabaloos up here, didn't they, them club Hullabaloos, Johnny Angels’ Hullabaloos (someone says something) yeah (the person goes on talking) no, no, we used to go to Federici’s (the talking goes on) this is all local (chuckles) anyway, let me do a song, I wanna thank everybody for coming down, we really appreciate it, and, uh…we really do because like we’re at a stage where we’re trying to get something going and, uh, I really appreciate everybody's interest and I wanna thank you all very much and uh (chuckles)(crowd applauds) and uh…thank you…and I’d like to do this song for, just for you, it’s off the first album we that did… (starts playing)…(a woman talks loudly)…anyone drag that chick into the next room or something…Detroit…(Some guy says “That's my chick”) then you drag her into the next room (chuckles) wait a minute…(starts playing again)…(some guy says “What are you doing, man?”) playing the piano (chuckles)…”

06.01.74 Boston, MA, intro to “Rosalita”
“(Tunes his guitar for a while)…All that’s left to say is…wherever you are, come out tonight (chuckles)…
(…) Once more, Mr. Dave Sancious on the organ (crowd cheers) the little prince of Passaic, Mr. Daniel Federici on the piano (crowd cheers) on the bass guitar, Mr. Garry Tallent, on the drums, the Mad Dog Vincent Lopez, and on the saxophone, Mr. Clarence Clemons…now watch out, we’re coming at you…you gotta be quick on the drum…”

06.01.74 Boston, MA, intro to “Twist and Shout”
“(Joe of Joe’s Place: “Come on (?) Bruce Springsteen, come on (crowd cheers) Bruce Springsteen, come on, let’s hear it for him (crowd cheers)(?)…come on, you wanna bring them out here, you’re gonna have to knock off the roof (crowd cheers) everyone give a standing ovation (crowd cheers)(?) there’s only one way, you gotta keep working hard, man (?) only one way you’re gonna bring them out here…Bruce (crowd cheers) only one way, you gotta knock the floor down till we all fall down (?)(crowd cheers) Bruce Springsteen, come on (crowd cheers) Bruce Springsteen (crowd cheers) come on, Bruce (crowd cheers) I don’t think he can hear you, man, I don’t think he can hear – come on, he can’t hear you (?)(crowd cheers) Clarence on the saxophone… Danny playing the piano…Garry playing the bass…my man on the drums…and Bruce Springsteen plays the guitar…one time and we’re going home…hope you enjoyed the show – Bruce, you take it from here”)…What did Joe do to my mike here? He sunk this mike (chuckles) alright, there we go…we got one…oh yeah…are you boys set?…that’s not the one…this is the one…Joe got a few more words here to say here, what? (chuckles)(Joe: “I only got one thing to say, you know we’re overtime, everybody’s been working hard for three days, I wanna, they’re always in their dressing room when everybody’s on their feet for standing ovation, I wanna see it one time, come on, on your feet (crowd cheers)(?) Springsteen, come on, on your feet, one time”)…here we go…
(…) Oh no, Clarence, my heart! The doctor told me, the doctor told me I have very high cholesterol around my heart, he said “Whatever you do, don’t try to sing “Twist and Shout”” (?) do you think I could do it one more time?…can I get it one more time? (crowd cheers) can I get it one more time? (crowd cheers) can I get it one more…well, well, well, well, well, well shake it a baby…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi, with a great, big thanks for this intro goes to Jyrki Virta, who transcribed the intro to "For You."

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