Story 1974-01-29 Nashville, TN

29.01.74 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Incident on 57th Street´
´´Here´s a song off our second album which you can´t find anywhere in town (chuckles) but (chuckles) it´s out there somewhere in the universe….”

29.01.74 Nashville, TN, middle of ´Thundercrack´
´´Starting with the far right, we´ve got little mister maestro himself, prince of Passaic (?) New Jersey, when the man plays the keys, little teenyboppers fall right….they fall right….they fall left….they fall right….they fall down….to their knees, on the organ Mr.Daniel Federici, Flemington, New Jersey….and to my left (?) member of the band, master of the low notes, man, his mother was a Tallent, his father was a Tallent, his sister was a Tallent, his brother was a Tallent, his great-grand-grandfather was a great, great Tallent, on the bass guitar, from Long Branch, New Jersey, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….to the far left, on the piano, we´ve got a man whose notes belong in quotes, whose groove has hung loose, 20 years old, fingers of solid gold, from Belmar, New Jersey, the master, Mr.Dave Sancious on the piano….and back behind me….bring, bring the music down, back behind me, we´ve got somebody we can´t talk too loud about, he´s so sensitive individual….and we gotta keep him, we gotta keep him way in the back, you see, we can´t sit up, we don´t sit up where the piano is (?) the organs are out front, we gotta keep him back there for a reason….right ?….the reason is because he´s so vicious….he was diagnosed on the national syndicated daytime television show with Joyce Brothers as a homicidic, schizophrenic, paranoic Roman-Catholic, and the only man I know who snorts beer through his left ear, weighing in at 165 pounds of stone ugliness, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, the Mad Dog, the Madman, watchout girls, he hates to be alone, Vincent Lopez….(Clarence´s intro is missing)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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