Story 1974-02-01 Cleveland, OH

01.02.74 Cleveland, OH, intro to ‘Zero and Blind Terry’:
”This is the legend of Zero and Blind Terry…..”

01.02.74 Cleveland, OH, middle of ‘Thundercrack’:
”To the far right of the stage, we got a little maestro himself, the prince of Passaic, New Jersey….when the man plays the keys, the little teenyboppers fall right…..they fall right….they fall left….they fall right….they fall down to their knees….from Flemington, New Jersey, Mr. Danny Federici on the organ… my immediate left, we got a conservative member of the band, master of locals….man whose mother was a talent, whose father was a talent, whose sister was a talent, whose brother was a talent, whose great grandfather was a great great talent….on the bass guitar, from Long Branch, New Jersey….Mr. Garry W.Tallent….to the far left from mister lightman….. whose notes (?) , whose groove has hung loose…..twenty years old, digits of solid gold….from Belmar, New Jersey, Mr.Davey Sancious on the piano….oh yeah….. now back behind me, we got a man who we can’t talk too loud about ‘cause he’s so sensitive… a very soft heart…..we’ve gotta keep him back there for a reason, we can´t set him up where the piano is, we can’t set up over here, we can’t set him up out front because…..I’ll tell you why…..wanna know why ?….because he’s so vicious….. he was diagnosed on the national syndicated daytime television (?) as homicidal, schitzopherenic Roman Catholic and the only man who snorts beer through his left ear…..back on the drums, we’ve got the Mad Dog, we’ve got the madman…..from Asbury Park, New Jersey, 165 pounds of stone ugliness ….. Vincent Lopez on the drums…..and to my right, last but certainly not least, we’ve got a man who might laugh, who might joke and eat (?), smoke snowflakes but he don’t mess around….. the Duke of Paducah, the Kahuna of surf and soul (?)….on the tenor saxophone, Mr.Clarence Clemons…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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