Story 1974-10-11 Gaithersburg, MD

11.10.74 Gaithersburg, MD, middle of ´´The E Street Shuffle´´
´´He slips on his jeans…. he puts on his sneakers, puts on his tubesocks (?) and gets the car keys (?) shuts out the lights and he walks out the door, opens the door for Little Angel, she gets in (?) 300-dollar stereo that he just bought for 30 dollars….he turns up the radio as loud as it´ll go (?) puts his arm around his girl, gives her a little kiss and they move on down to the scene….´´

11.10.74 Gaithersburg, MD, intro to ´´Jungleland´´
´´This is a new song, it´s gonna be on our next album, something called ´Jungleland´….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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