Story 1974-10-29 Boston, MA

29.10.74 Boston, MA, intro to ‘Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street ?’:
”Seasons come , seasons go, changes are made…..microphones fall but the bus never stops….”

29.10.74 Boston, MA, middle of ‘The E Street Shuffle’:
”He puts on his tubesocks…..(?)….gonna get some money off the Buick…..(?) keys…. no, people say that (chuckles)….shuts up the door and gets in his car….rolls down the window…..(someone in the crowd : ”Then he says ‘Boogie!’”) No , he don’t say that yet (cheers)….he turns, he turns on his stereo as loud as it’ll go, rolls down the window….(someone in the crowd : ”Then he says ‘Boogie!’”) Not yet …..puts his arm around his girl and…..(someone in the crowd : ”Then he says ‘Boogie!’”) then he moves on down to the scene…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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