Story 1975-08-10 Cleveland, OH

10.08.75 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´The E Street Shuffle´
´´Bam !…there I was….three in the morning….walking down the boardwalk in Asbury Park ….(?) there’s this something coming my way and it was raining, the wind was blowing, a terrible night, right, a nasty night….I had a fight with my girlfriend and she left me out on the corner, right….I bumped into Steve….that right, Steve ?…(?) so there we was, right, walking down the boardwalk, three in the morning, right, we see something coming our way ….it´s dressed all in white….walking like there´s no storm, no rain….don´t know what it is but, but we weren’t too scared, no, we were, were a little scared, right (chuckles)(?) so….so we walked down a little further (?) coming closer, it was this big like (?) just walking down the street, there’s this cat dressed all in white with a cane, a walking stick, right….so now, we ducked into this little doorway, figured I don’t know who this guy is and I just wanna get home, right, (?) just wanna get home, turn on the TV, right so (chuckles) so, so, so, so….so there I ducked into the doorway, me and Steve were standing there (?) we heard footsteps coming closer…coming closer down….and they came even closer than that….they came real close….and this cat got right in front of me, turned around and faced off right in front of the two of us, right….now, so you think we was like real scared and stuff, right ?….I threw all my money on the ground….threw off my shoes, threw off my coat….and all this cat did was stand there and stick out his hand…. (?) so finally slowly I turned….just as we touched, it was like sparks fly on E Street….´´

10.08.75 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´Growin’ Up´
´´It was a night like this and I stood stonelike at midnight…..´´

10.08.75 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´Kitty´s Back´
´´(Clarence: ´´What I´d like to say right now is….watch out…..Kitty´s Back´)….
(….) There I was….sitting in my room over at the Holiday Inn, minding my own business, right, watching TV and all of a sudden….all of a sudden….I heard this knock on the door ….I don´t know who it was….(?) ´cause I heard this, I heard this mysterious knock on the door….yeah, that was very mysterious, that knock….(?) extremely mysterious…so I heard this knock on the door and I got up….and there….on the outside of my Holiday Inn door…. was a dagger stuck into the door and a note written in blood….and Clarence, he knows, knows that (?)….it said ´Here she comes´….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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