Story 1975-10-04 Detroit, MI

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´It´s Gonna Work Out Fine´
´´Wanna know, wanna know who´s married here in the crowd, who´s, how many of you folks married ? (some yells) that many ? you, you married ? you ain´t married, you´re just messing around (chuckles) I know he ain´t married, he´s just jiving but this is, uh, this is a song for the married people here, this is a song, I´m not married….you know but uh….but I met this guy the other day, I seen this guy….that I used to go to high school with and uh, he came to my house, he was selling, he was selling insurance with my brother-in-law, my brother-in-law sells insurance for, uh, Metropolitan Life and uh….this guy (?) yeah, he sold me insurance but I didn´t keep up the payments, you know, you´re supposed to pay, I think you´re supposed to pay like 33 dollars every three months and uh, and like you know, you´re traveling around all the time, you don´t keep it up and stuff, you insured ? (?) let me give you my brother-in-law´s phone number, I got it somewhere here (chuckles) he´ll set you right out (chuckles) but this is a song, this guy came to my house and I sort of recognised him but I didn´t recognise him a whole lot and he came in and we start talking for a while, I found out I went to high school with him….and uh, that he´d been gotten married and uh, had a few kids and stuff, it started me thinking back to all the cats in my bands that, that had gotten married and settled down, people either get, got married and settled down or they went nuts, they went crazy, you know….anyway….this is a song about that, is the band ready ? (?) this is for all the married folk….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´The E Street Shuffle´
´´Bam !….bam !….somewhere….somewhere….somewhere….tonight….somewhere…. there´s someplace….somehow….even though it gets harder to come by, like it´s harder to come by….and uh….somewhere…..somehow, someplace, maybe it ain´t here (chuckles) now, but somewhere, somewhere tonight, Clarence, hit me, Sparks fly on E Street….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Kitty’s Back´
´´I went to the, to the circus today….they have the circus in , anybody been to the circus ? ….some of you….that’s a pretty good show….one of those big elephants broke loose…. you didn’t know that, you’re gonna read that in the papers tomorrow….yeah, and one of those big elephants, right, one of the ones with the fancy head-thing on its face….broke loose and ran amok through the crowd….right….really, that’s true, was a, was a terrible sight to see….ran amok, ran right up to where we were sitting, as a matter of fact….but we sat, we held our seats….you know, we knew the next act was gonna be a trapeze act, we didn’t wanna miss that….so we held our seats even with this big elephant running amok (chuckles) it ran so amok (chuckles) how amok was it ?….it ran right up to Stevie….stuck his trunk right in his ear (chuckles) a horrible sight to see (chuckles) and said ‘Kitty’s back !…”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Hey, who was, who was, who was the joker making all that noise up there ? (cheers) no, man, it wasn´t everybody, where are you, man ? where are you ? you ? this is for you (chuckles)…
(….) I totally forgot a verse for a minute there….on the piano, Roy Bittan….(?)….on the bass guitar, Garry Tallent….(?)….on the guitar, Miami Steve….on the drums, the Mighty Max ….on the organ, the Phantom Dan Federici….on the saxophone….the Kahuna, Clarence Clemons….
(….) This guy´s clowning around, messing around over here, ain´t watching the Boss….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Detroit Medley´
´´Here´s a song, ready, boys ?….here´s a medley by…one of the, one of the Detroit greats …”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Sandy´
´´I wanna thank everybody for coming down tonight….this is the first we really been in, in Detroit here and uh…..are you ready, band ?….and this is something to youse, to all of youse from Asbury Park, New Jersey with love….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Ain´t Too Proud to Beg´
´´This is uh….(?)….this is uh, we´re in Motown city here, gonna do something by The Temptations….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Quarter to Three´
´´Hands over your hearts for this next one….”

04.10.75 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Little Queenie´
´´(music starts)…alright, bring it down, band, don´t you know, don´t you know….there I was….riding down some street here in Detroit…..didn´t know where I was, right….bring it down….didn´t know where I was….I see this, this place called, think it was called Bert´s Party Store….I, I ain´t never seen a party store in New Jersey….so I figured….´Bert´s Party Store, huh ?….have to go in and check this place right out´….so me and a few friends of mine, in we walk….and there´s Bert behind the thickest bulletproof glass I´ve ever seen (chuckles) I was wondering how you talk to the guy, right, I see the little hole where you gotta talk to him, right, a little hole where you stick your money through, a box that you put your goodies in, Bert puts ´em in a bag and gives ´em back to you….we were followed in…..and for a minute I thought….I went into the wrong party store (chuckles)…. so I picked up some Hostess Twinkies….one time for the Twinkies (music gets louder) (chuckles) bring it back down now (chuckles) picked out some, something to drink and…. was about to leave when all of a sudden it happened….what happened ?….well, Steven was with me and Steven, I wanna tell you….I wanna tell you (Steve: ´I think you should´) that….I wanna tell you…..I had a lump in my throat when I saw her walking down the aisle….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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