Story 1975-11-23 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

23.11.75 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, intro to ´The E Street Shuffle´
´´BAM !….bam !….it was, uh….four years ago, me and Miami Steve and our bass player Garry Tallent, we had this band and we were playing in this club in this place called Asbury Park, you know (?)….anybody from New Jersey here ? (some yells) people from New Jersey, they´re all over (?) you really from New Jersey ? (someone: ´Sommerville´) you´re from Sommerville ?….a friend of mine, one of my hometown boys lives in there too (?) but anyway, we had this band, we were playing in this little club and uh….and uh….we were doing alright, you know, we were pretty good, had people coming down, we used to, we´d play for the door (?)(chuckles) but anyway, it was, it was real late, late one nasty Saturday night, it was very late, it was very nasty and me and Steve, we were walking home, it was about 4 in the morning, we were walking home down the boardwalk and uh (?)….so, so we were like just trying to get home….´cause it was real late, it was raining and snowing and the wind was blowing at about 100 miles an hour and this is true, this is all true and uh….and all of a sudden, all of a sudden down at the end of the boardwalk, we saw this, this mist….there was this mist, like there was clouds coming down the street…..and we couldn´t figure out what it was, you know, what it was, but all of a sudden the mist parted, you see, and now from this mist came this guy walking like it wasn´t raining, walking like (?)….he was walking like the sun was shining and like it was 95 degrees and he was dressed in white from head to toe….and after much discussion, me and Steve decided, we noticed that he wasn´t carrying a gun (?) but he was definitely carrying a saxophone…..and the next thing we heard (Clarence plays) so we were pretty impressed, you know, but like….also like it was late….and it was dark and nasty and we figured we were gonna just jump at the doorway here and wait till whatever this was just pass by, right, passed us by…let the wind blow….stand in the doorway ….and we heard his footsteps coming….yeah, yeah, footsteps, the footsteps came even closer than that….then they got louder….and sure enough as soon as this guy reached that doorway ….instead of passing by, he turned….and faced off right at us….now, you see, I´m the leader of the band (?) and when you´re the leader of the band, you gotta be brave and stuff, you know (chuckles) you have to make a good example, you see, you have to show all this moral fiber and so, so as the leader of the band…..I snuck out and ran home, no….I stood up, you know, got myself together….I did some of my best kungfu moves….didn´t move, didn´t say nothing, right….you know, and so I did the newest move I´d learned, it was called ´After You Fuck Your Ass Off´….´After You Fake Your Ass Off, You Drop to Your Knees and Beg for Mercy´….this guy didn´t say nothing so I threw all my money down on the ground….didn´t move….he just reached out this big hand…..and when we touched….Sparks fly on E Street….
(….) He puts on his t-shirt….his shoes….pulls out a copy of Martha and the Vandella´s Greatest Hits….shuts off the light, step outside, locks up the house….gets in the car…starts it (drumming)….(?)….gets out, shuts the door….and he walks on down to the scene….”

23.11.75 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, intro to ´Kitty´s Back´
´´(Clarence: ´I´ve been asked to inform you that Kitty´s in town….she´s over in the red light zone, Kitty´s back !´)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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