Story 1975-12-12 Greenvale, NY

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “She’s the One”
“This is for, uh…the girls at Roy Rogers…”

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “Kitty’s Back”
“Sorry about the delay tonight, being late and everything…but there was this big road block, you see, this big road block down the road, you know, yeah, there was like, there was fifteen police cars and the sirens going and everything and we came, we drove in, you know, and, uh, they wouldn’t let us in, we said “Listen, we gotta get through, you know,” they said “Nobody can get through, the whole area, the whole end of Long Island has been quarantined,” right, so like we were a little nervous, we said “Officer, you know, gee, what’s the matter?” you know, and he said “Nobody can go in or out because (?)…because Kitty’s back (crowd cheers)…”

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “Sandy”
“[The band tests their instruments and Danny plays an accordion solo that sounds like a polka]…[long pause]…Yeah, now we could’ve had a terrible accident there (chuckles)…oh, are you ready, Band?…(?)…good…this song’s for everybody…all you folks from Asbury Park with love (crowd cheers)…”

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
“It’s real cold down there now…are you ready, Band? (?)…it’s all cold down along the beach…wind’s whipping down the Boardwalk… hey, Band!…you guys know what time of year it is? what time? what? (Steve: “Christmastime”) what? (Steve: “It’s Christmastime”) oh, Christmastime!…you guys all, you guys all been good and practicing real hard? yeah? Clarence, you’ve been, you’ve been rehearsing real hard now so Santa’ll bring you a new saxophone, right – everybody out there been good or what? (some cheers) oh, that’s not many, not many, you guys are in trouble out here (chuckles)…”

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “Detroit Medley”
“Now back in Detroit where Santa don’t go ‘cause he’s afraid of getting mugged (chuckles) are you ready, Band?…”

12.12.75 Greenvale, NY, intro to “Sha La La”
“(Crowd cheers) You guys are nuts, I don’t understand you guys (crowd cheers) don’t understand you…oh, oh…let’s do, uh…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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