Story 1975-12-27 Philadelphia, PA

27.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´It´s My Life´
´´I used to live in this house….in this town, about 10,000 people, a small town and uh….it was like a two-family house, was the kind of house that to get, to get into the house, you had to go through the kitchen, had a screen door….so like….my father would like, my father used to….at night he´d sit in the kitchen, you see, and he´d, he drinks beer and like he´d turn off all the lights in the house and he´d get real, he´d get really angry, pissed off if you switched them on (?) and he´d sit there, all you´d see of him was like a cigarette butt, just sitting there in the dark, you know, and like if you came in around, if you came in around 10, it wasn´t too bad, you know, but if you came in around like 1, you know, after he´d been sitting there for a while….he´d always stop me and so I´d walk in and… I walked in about 1 o´clock, 1.30, I´d slick my hair back so that, uh, so he couldn´t tell how long it was, you know (chuckles) and I´d walk in and he´d be sitting there, right, and I´d try to sneak by, (?) sneak by in the dark and he´d say ´Bruce´, I´d say ´Oh damn´….(?) I´d sit down, at first he´d start talking about how things doing, how´s it going, you know, what you been doing, where were you tonight, you know, and we´d be talking about things and then….then he´d start talking about, like….what a bad world it was, how hard it was and how I´d better get out there and start (?) and stop messing around, you know, if I was about to start making some bucks, you know….and he´d start rapping….(?)….and I´d just sit there and I´d try not to say nothing to him that could get him uptight, I´d just wanna sneak up to my room and get in bed (?)….we´d sit there….and he´d start, he´d turn on the gas….the gas in the stove….and he´d shut all the doors and the room would get real hot…..(?) start yelling at me….then we´d start screaming at each other, you know….and I´d tell him how it´s my life…..”

27.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Kitty´s Back´
´´There I am on this….walking through Sahara, you know….and uh….somewhere ´bout a halfway ´cross, doing pretty good, you know, making good time and uh…..(?) and there, there´s Ed Sciaky, right, sitting….on this camel, right, this one-hump camel, he´s on this big camel, one like I never seen before even in (?) and uh, he ain´t got no clothes on, he´s sitting out there in the middle of the desert getting a hell of a sunburn, right, I go ´Ed !´,. you know, he got a big sign across (?) his chest, taped to his chest, you know (?) it says ´King of the desert, Ed Sciaky´, you know (?)….so I said ´Ed….what´re you doing out here ?….what you done ?´, he says ´Well, Bruce, I tell you the truth, I had to leave Philadelphia´, I said ´They finally ran you off the air, right ?´, he says ´No, no, I had to leave town because…..Kitty´s back´….”

27.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Detroit Medley´
´´Hold that thing, boys….I don´t think….I don´t think….(?)….I wanna tell you that makes me sad in my heart….I gotta pull on my hat because of that….all I wanna know is….(?)….are you loose ? (cheers) are you loose ? (cheers) are you loose as this ? (cheers)(?) New Jersey hustle now…you gotta get laidback, you get about this loose…you start to get into swang…. (?)….are you ready ?….not too many of you ready….(?)….”

27.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Quarter to Three´
´´Are you loose ? (cheers) are you loose ? (cheers) are you sure ? (cheers) are you guys really positive now ? (cheers)….you´re not kidding me, you´re not fooling (?)….”

27.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Back in the U.S.A´
´´We just came back from….from Europe (?) England and a few other places….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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