Story 1975-12-28 Philadelphia, PA

28.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street ?´ (following ´Spirit in the Night´)
´´Hey !….you guys are nuts out there…..(someone : ´Monster Mash´) Monster Mash ? (chuckles) who is that man ?….throw down some lights, I can´t find my guitar….somebody stole my hat and my left sock….how´d they got my, how´d they got my shoe off and on, I don´t know (chuckles) oh, this is….this is, this is a song we used to do, now, man, this ain´t even mine, I borrowed this….are you ready, band ? uno, dos, tres, quatro….”

28.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´It´s My Life´
´´I used to live in this, in this small town, about….you know, and uh….lived on this main street, in this double-house, two-family house there….Pop´d always lock up the frontdoor so we couldn´t come in the frontdoor at night and he used to sit in the kitchen….every night, you know, and he like….my father used to just sit there, used to turn out all the lights in the house ….and uh (?) beer, whatever he was drinking and….and uh, all you´d see, all you´d see was the light of his cigarette butt in the dark, you know, and uh…..and for a long time I lived in that house I was terrified, I was always terrified to walk through that kitchen at night, you know….but it wasn´t too bad depending on how early you came in, if you came in around, if you came in around 10….you know, when he´d just sat down or something….it wasn´t too bad, my mother was in the frontroom, she´d have the TV on so the only two lights in the house would be like….you´d see the television light, you´d see my father sitting there smoking a cigarette….so if I came in real late some nights….like, you always had to pass through the kitchen, through the screendoor…hope I can sneak through somehow, maybe he wouldn´t notice me or don´t wanna talk to me tonight….so I´d slick my hair back real tight so he couldn´t tell how long it was (?)….(?) open the backdoor, you know, and he´d have all the doors closed, he´d have all the doors shut in the kitchen….and he had, he´d turn on the gas in the gas stove to heat up the kitchen real warm….and uh….I´d walk in….I´d be just sneaking by and all of a sudden I´d hear ´Hey´…(?) so I´d go back and I´d sit down and we´d start talking…at first he´d be talking, you know, pretty nice like ´What´d you do today ?´, you know, ´How´s things happening ?´(?)….then there was a change come over him all the time ….he´d start asking me what I wanted to do, where I was going…..and pretty soon he´d be screaming at me about the way I was sitting there…..people I was hanging out with….pretty soon I´d be screaming back at him….and all I could tell him was….all I could keep telling him was how it was….I said ´Man, it´s my life….it´s my life´….”

28.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Pretty Flamingo´
´´Me and Steve….me and Steve used to sit on my porch….and uh…..every day about 5.30, there was this one girl, used to come walking by our house, used to work downtown or something….and uh….we´d sit there, we´d watch her go by….we´d be acting like, you know ….like two dummies, you know, ´Uh, oh !´, we´d do all that kind of stuff, you know, and it´s like (chuckles) and uh….we used to try to get the nerve to go over and find out what her name was, where she lived or something, I´d say ´Steve….Steve, all you gotta do….you get up off the porch, right, we can do that….walk up to the curb, we can do that….walk across the street, we can do that….ask her her name, you can do that….but we´d make it to the curb and we´d come back to the porch all the time….so, you know, we didn´t give up, we didn´t give up, you know, just went on, we kept trying to figure out ways that we were gonna…. impress her so we went down to Western Autostore, bought our guitars….and we´d come back and she´d be, came walking by every day, we´d start playing the guitars and singing loud and off-key, just like we do now, you know, and it was like (chuckles) it´s like, you know, but it was like nothing, she didn´t even look over, not once, you know….so we knew she was a tough case, we knew, you know, we were not dummies, we were pretty slick guys, we knew she was a tough, we knew she was really tough….when Clarence came riding by on his bicycle, no hands, playing a saxophone and she didn´t even look over….that´s when ….we didn´t know how hard she was till that day, I tell you, you know….so….come around 5.30 now, all the time there´d be about like five or six of us out there, you know, and my sister would be out there going ´You guys are afraid, you guys are chicken´, you know, trying to get us, trying to get us to go across the street, you know, anyway….we never went across, never found out what the girl´s name was, I moved away and that solved the whole problem, you know, in a few years, but we had this name, we had this name for her, you know, wanna tell you….
(….) If I got to….I´m gonna take out ads in all the major newspapers….gonna hire a detective ….with a gun and a car….one of those guys who looks up your family tree….finds out where you´re from….yeah, you ought to hook up with that, Steve….like you might be, you might be like, you might be like….you can never tell, you may be like….King Miami Steve or something….or prince, how´s that sound, prince (Miami : ´That´s me´) that´s you, prince of, of Jersey City….
(….) Steven, we should´ve….all that time my sister was out there being a pain in the ass….we should´ve….we should´ve got her to go tell that girl we was in a band, right (?)….Pretty Flamingo….”

28.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´It´s Hard to Be a Saint in the City´
´´This is for the Terrible Termite because he´s so bad behind the wheel….”

28.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Alright, that´s taking it too far…a box, I can´t even squash these, I got sick eating these last night, some kids´re throwing M&M´s on stage….I used to eat these, I used to eat these by the tons when I was making the last album….you know, but I, I can´t get this open….(?)…´The milk chocolate that melts in (?)´, that´s good, that´s nice, that´s catchy, I think that´s got possibilities, alright, it says, that´s all it says, it doesn´t say what´s in ´em, nitroglyserine, oh yes it does….(?) quick, somebody help me….what ?….sweetheart, you can have ´em all…. (…) On the piano, the Professor ! ….profess yourself…on the bass guitar, Garry W.Tallent…on the guitar, M-M-M-M-M-Miami Steve….on the drums, the Mighty Max….on the organ, now you see him, now you don´t, the mystery man, handsome Dan the Phantom Federici….and the Phantom moves….last but not least….in the front five rows….my aunts….take it, Auntie…. and on the saxophone, the Kahuna of surf and soul, Clarence Clemons….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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