Story 1975-12-30 Philadelphia, PA

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Night”
“How you doing? (crowd cheers)…(guitar tuning)…a little light, light man, a little light for – oh! (crowd cheers)…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” (following “Night”)
“Oh yeah, yeah, oh damn…oh…I got so excited I forgot the words, alright (chuckles) Roy, give me the chord…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?” (following “Spirit in the Night”)
“Oh, oh (someone: “Let’s have a big hand for the little lady”) a little hand (chuckles) no, a big hand for the little lady (crowd cheers) thank you for the dance…oh, what, what goes up must come down, what goes must come off, what goes round must come back up but this bus never stops…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “It’s My Life”
“How’s everybody in Philly tonight, huh? (crowd cheers) great, great…(intro music starts)…I used to live in this two-family house …uh…and my father used to always lock up the front door so at night we’d have to come in like through the back door and, uh… he’d always sit in the kitchen and he’d have all the lights out in the house, he did this…for as long as I can remember, every house we’d move to, he’d always…he was kind of, he was the kind of guy if he got up in the morning, if he felt like, felt like going to work, he’d go, if he didn’t feel like going, he’d lay in bed or whatever…and at nights he’d sit in the kitchen…and he’d drink whatever he was drinking…and he’d smoke cigarettes and he’d sit there…I used to, I used to come home from school, I’d throw down my books and just run out, you know, head down out of town and it was like…if you came in early, it wasn’t too bad, if I came in early, went up to my room, I could always get by, you know…but he’d shut all the doors of the kitchen, we had a kitchen where you could like block off a dining room…so you had to always, had to pass through the kitchen with all the lights out…he used to get real pissed off if you turned any of the lights on in the house, if you turned that kitchen light on to get through…I was always scared to turn the light on because ‘bout around twelve o’clock, midnight, one o’clock he’d be sitting there…and I’d, you know, I’d switch on the light for a second, his eyes would be all small and stuff, his mouth would be all dry and he’d be like…and he’d say “Sit down, I wanna talk to you for a second, you know”…so I’d sit down…and we’d start talking a little bit…first just about how I was doing, you know, where I was, what I was, who I was running around with or whatever, you know… never talked about himself too much…we’d be talking…and all of a sudden he’d start talking louder…and he’d start screaming at me… then I’d start yelling back at him and stuff…and…(?) he could never figure out that, you know…that it was my life…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine”
“Clarence…a funny thing happened to me the other day (Clarence: “What was that, man?”)…well…now, you know I got all them relatives on my mother’s side (Clarence: “Yeah”) Italians (?)(crowd cheers) but like…they all live down about, you know, about twenty miles from my house so it is Christmas, right, so like I was there by myself, my girlfriend, right…I had no dinner, no turkey or nothing, right, so I said “Well, think I’ll call my relatives and (?) you know” …so they were here last night, that’s why I didn’t tell this story last night, that’s why I can only tell it tonight ‘cause I don’t want ‘em to find out so it’s like I called up and they said “Oh, how you doing, how you been, come on down,” you know, so I went down, down to the place, my cousin’s house and like…relatives are funny, they’re all like, they’re like all these reformed, like, reformed hitters, you know, these reformed greaser type cats that, like, got married, you know, like, they all got kids, you know, and stuff, there was like about ten kids all running around and screaming and stuff, you know, and like who’s married here in the audience tonight, who’s afraid? (sounds like only one woman yells)(chuckles) there you are, right (chuckles) just one – woah! damn! but anyway…anyway, this got me thinking about this song, that my sister’s married, she married this guy…down, who lived down on Route 9 which was like the heavy, like, uh…it was like the geographically dangerous part of the county at the time, you know, and, uh…so it was all these, there was these, these like Mongolians or something, they had this big gang out on Route 9 – that’s true, that’s a true story – it’s like and so anyway, there she was, she’s with her husband now and he’s, you know, he’s got, like, I’m an uncle, you know, they come in, you know, I never give no presents or nothing for their birthday, you know, I’m always running around or something, and they come in “Uncle Bruce, Uncle Bruce,” you know, “What’s happening?” I go “Oh, hold on (?),” anyway, it started me thinking about this sort of domestic type song here but it’s about this fellow, this fellow who decides that he’s finally through screwing around, messing around, he’s gonna settle down and stuff and, like, he’s found somebody he liked or something, I don’t know…you know, but anyway (?)…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Growin’ Up”
“I’m gonna do, uh…(someone yells)…alright, alright, give me a break, give me a break (chuckles)…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, middle of “Rosalita”
“On the piano, Roy Bittan, the Professor (crowd cheers) on the bass guitar, Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) on the drums, the Mighty Max (crowd cheers) on the organ, the Phantom! Dan Federici (crowd cheers) and on the saxophone, the Kahuna of surf and soul, Clarence Clemons (crowd cheers)(the band goes back into the song for a minute or so, then stops)…and forgive me…Miami Steve! (crowd cheers)…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Sandy”
“Phantom, let me hear the chord (Dan plays a bit) very good, alright (chuckles) here we go, band, are you ready?…something to you Philadelphia from Asbury Park with love (crowd cheers)…”

30.12.75 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Twist and Shout”
“Are you ready, band?…the band isn’t ready, they’re teasing (chuckles)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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