Story 1976-04-07 Allen Theatre, Cleveland, OH

07.04.76 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´It´s My Life´
´´I used to live in this small town, was about 10,000 people and uh….I used to live in this two-family house and at night….my father used to lock up the frontdoor so that me and my sister used to come in ´round through the kitchen….and uh, he´d sit in the kitchen all night with all the lights out, smoke a cigarette, drink some beer, my mother´d sit in the frontroom watching TV…if you came in around, if you came in around 10 or 11….or even by midnight, it wasn´t too bad….if you came in around….2 or 3….he´d always stop me….want me to sit in the kitchen with him and talk to him….about something….he´d start talking to me about what I was doing in school or….if I was looking for a job or something….pretty soon we´d be arguing, screaming at each other…my mother´d be running in from the frontroom….trying to keep us from fighting with each other and I´d be….I´d end up running back outside the house ….running out the door telling him how it was my life, I could do what I wanted….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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