Story 1976-09-29 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, during musical intro to ´´Rendezvous´´
"This is a song about (?)"

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´It´s My Life´´
´´You know I grew up in this, this small town, it was about 10,000 people I guess, I lived, I lived in this two-family house on this main street….and my mother, she used to work as a secretary downtown in one of the big office buildings and my Pop, he was a, he was a guard down at the jail for a while and worked in a plastics´ factory for a while and….he used to work in this rug mill that used to employ a lot of people in town till they, till they closed it down, so a lot of times he was just, he was home a lot…I used to sleep, in the summertime, there was this roof, it´s like the second roof right off….the window of my bedroom was right next door to this Sinclair gas-station, it would close up at one o´clock but people used to hang in the parking lot all night long….I used to just lay in bed up on the roof….listening to them pulling in and pulling out….but when I got, whenever I got the chance, I used to take off to New York for a while, just lettin' off some steam….then I stayed there as long as I could, as long I had some money (?) the house with some of my friends….but I always knew, I always knew I´d have to come back home and, and I always knew my father´d be sitting there waiting for me when I´d get there….but he used to, nine o´clock every night, as long as I can remember, he used to shut off all the lights in the house, my mother´d sit in the front room with just the TV on and watch TV all night, my Pop, he´d sit in the kitchen with a six-pack of beer, smoking cigarettes all night long….he´d just sit there in the dark and I knew when I´d come home….he´d be there, and I used to come and I used to stand in the driveway and I used to look through the screen door and I could see the light of his cigarette, just there glowing in the dark and so, so I´d stand there for a while, I used to slick my hair back as tight as, tight as I could and….step up on the porch, hope I could make it through the kitchen before he´d stop me….and every time he´d wait, he´d wait just about till I, he´s used to wait just till I got to the stairs and he´d call my name to come back and sit down and talk to him….for a while….we´d talk about nothing too much, just how I was doing, if everything was going ok….pretty soon he´d be asking me where I´d been, where I was getting my money from…..who I was out with….and pretty soon we´d be screaming at each other….my mother´d be running in from the front room, trying, trying to keep us from fighting each other, pulling him off me….and I´d always end up, always end up running out the backdoor, screaming at him, screaming, telling him, crying and telling him that it was my life and I could do what I wanted to do….´´

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Are we gonna see the pompom girls? (cheers) alright, this is for you then….´´

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´She´s the One´´
´´I just was reading that, in papers yesterday….and in the back I found this article that was saying how there was these scientists and they were digging up the ruins over there in Egypt, they were excavating at the site of a proposed Holiday Inn and as they dug down deep into the heart of the earth….they found a tomb….on the outside it had this inscription….that nobody could read….so as they kicked the door open….they kicked it open….and they looked down….into this deep, dark hole, heading down into the center of the earth….couldn´t see nothing, couldn´t feel nothing, couldn´t reach nothing, all they heard coming up out of that hole….was this beat….they found traces of this beat (?) on the soil on Mars….they brought it all back to the laboratories and they found out that the origin of this beat went back way into the beginning of the universe….when the sun collided….with a ´63 Impala and the Earth rolled out of the trunk…..and they found that when they played this beat….girls threw off their clothes and jumped into the aisles, grown men fell to their knees and cried….the good girls´d go bad and the bad girls….got worse….´´

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Something In The Night´´
"This is something that uh..this a song that's gonna be on the new album, I hope…I'm gonna get that out just as soon as I can…and uh, it's called Something In The Night…this says, this, this two streets down back home…Kingsley and Ocean Avenue, you just move over one."

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out´´
"Bring out the (?), the sophisticated… (?), Miami Horns (?), direct to you from Las Vegas, Nevada…ready for that, they're gonna help us do…Tenth…"

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Rosalita´´
´´This is….here´s, uh, this is a won….here´s a wonderful story, it started out happy, young love and, uh, and with a tragic end: when I shaved off my beard, she won´t go out with me any more….(?)….but have no fear because (Clarence: ´Rosie, wherever you are, come out tonight´)….
(….) On the piano, the most educated member of the band….Professor, Professor, Professor ….Roy Bittan, ladies and gentleman….play it, Roy (Roy plays something sort of classical)…. (?)….on the guitar, writer of such hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home,´ ´Sweeter Than Honey,´ the magnificent Miami Steve….on the bass, the bass ace. Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, The Mighty Max…..on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici….and last but not least…. master of the universe, king of the world….your next president….Mr.Hollywood….Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….´´

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Raise Your Hand´´
´´I want an E-S-T-R-E-E-T (the crowd repeats after each letter) what does that spell? (crowd: ´E Street´) what does that spell? (crowd: ´E Street´) what does that spell? (crowd: ´E Street´) then raise your hand because it´s real….
(….) are you out there? (crowd: ´Yeah´) are you with me? (crowd: ´Yeah´) are you with me? (crowd: ´Yeah´) then come on and just raise your hand….´´

29.09.76 Santa Monica, CA, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´(?)…to everybody goodnight and good luck….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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