Story 1976-10-16 William & Mary Hall, Williamsburg, VA

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´It´s My Life´
´´I grew up in this small town, was about 10,000 people, I guess….and uh….I remember my mother, she worked as a secretary downtown in one of the big office buildings and my father, he, he was was a guard at the jail for a while…..sometimes he worked in the plastics’factory, he worked in the, worked at the old rug-mill till, till they closed it down and every night, every night ´round 9 o´clock, for as long as I can remember, he used to shut off all the lights in the house….he´d sit in the kitchen with a six-pack, smoke a cigarette and my mom, she´d sit in the frontroom with just the TV on, watch TV till she fell asleep in the chair to get up the next morning to go to work… soon….soon as I hit 16, I used to….get off to New York as much as I could….get out of the house…..I´d stay up there till either we ran out of money or the cops´d catch us running around the Port Authority….call my Pop to bring us home….and the older I got, the more I stayed away…. but while I was living there, I always knew that I….I´d always have to come back home and when I did, he´d sitting, he´d sitting at that kitchen table in the dark waiting for me…. so I´d come back, I´d get off the bus, I´d walk through the town….walk through the town again….walk through town again….until I´d find myself standing in my driveway and my Pop, he used to lock up the frontdoor so we couldn´t go in that way and I´d be standing there in the driveway and I could see the light of his cigarette through the screen door in the kitchen and I´d slick my hair back real tight….so that he couldn’t tell how long it was ….and try to make it through the kitchen up to my room….he´d wait till I hit that bottom step….and he´d call my name to come back and sit down at the table and talk to him…. and for all the nights we did that, I remember I´d always, sitting there I could always hear his voice telling me, telling me what to do….but I could never….I could never see his face ….we’d start off talking about nothing much… things was going, everything was going good…..pretty soon he’d be asking me where I went, why I stayed out so much, where I was getting my money from and what I thought I was doing with myself until…. we’d end up screaming at each other, my mother’d end up running in from the frontroom to try and keep us from fighting each other, to pull him off me and I’d always end up screaming running out the backdoor screaming, telling him, telling him, telling him, telling him how it was my life and I was gonna do what I wanted to do…..”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´This song is for anybody ever had a 100 bucks in their pocket, no car, no place to go…. and in a hurry to get there….”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´She´s the One´
´´I just read in the papers that the scientists were excavating….over in Egypt at the….site of a proposed Holiday Inn….and as they dug down into the earth….they came upon a tomb….well, they opened the tomb up….and it led down to a deep, dark pit….they couldn´t see nothing, couldn´t hear nothing….and inside of that pit came this beat….they traced this beat back to the origin of the universe….when the sun….collided with a ´63 Impala and the Earth rolled out of the trunk….they brought this beat back to the United States, it was immediately banned in every state, in every town….except for one little club in Hoboken, New Jersey….and when they played this beat, girls threw off their clothes and jumped into the aisle….grown men fell to their knees and cried….the good girls went bad….any bad girls in the house tonight (some cheers) well, they got worse….”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´Something in the Night´
´´Here´s a song….this, this is a new song, gonna be on our album….I´m trying to best I can to, to get it out to youse….alright, hey, hey, hey…everybody up here sit down, relax (?)…”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´Backstreets´
´´And we´ll go, baby….just me and you, baby….just me and you, girl….we could steal away….we could steal away….steal away….I could take…..take all my money out of the bank….you could quit your job and….I´d quit my job too….we could, uh….we could….we could hit one of ´em 7-11 stores and steal away….we could steal away….we could slip away in the darkness….we could slip away….in the darkness….we could run, run, run, run away….we could run, run, run, run away….we could run, run, run, run away….we could run, run, run, slip away….(?)….”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, middle of ´Growin´ Up´
´´We were driving down this old dark road….didn´t have no money, it was about six years ago….didn´t have no money in my pocket, didn´t have no place to go, it was about three in the morning….so I used to ride down these dark roads and shut off all the lights in my car and try to scare myself….and I was riding (?) feeling a little depressed, my girlfriend just left me and I was contemplating doing something very rash….like….looking for work ….(?)….I was riding and all of a sudden, just as I was about to nod at the wheel, man, pssssh…..come shooting across the sky came this big, big thing looked like a chrome-plated Big Mac come shooting down, sideswiped my car….I slammed on the brakes, I skidded into the swamp….hit my head on the dashboard….when I woke up, over in the field (?)…so I got out of my car (?) and I stomped over through the mud and I stood in front of this thing, it was all shiny and humming and said, uh….figured I´d try to yell, figured I wouldn´t do nothing till I figured, I tried to strike up some conversation so I said, like, the door opened and out came this cat….dressed in these 16-inch silver platform shoes, a silver-sequenced spacesuit….and I said ´Hey, uh….where´d you get the paintjob ? ….(?)´ , the dude said nothing….he just looked down at me, he said….´Kid, you got, you got one wish´ so I thought real hard for a moment, I thought ´A new transmission (?) no, no´, I said ´Mister…Mister Spaceman, I wanna be….I wanna be…..I wanna be…..I wanna be a rock and roll star´….and he looked at me…..”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´This is a sad song about a girl who left me when I shaved off my beard, but whom I love….dearly…in my heart….wherever you are, Rosie, come out tonight….”

16.10.76 Williamsburg, MD, intro to ´The Promise´
´´Here´s a song….this is a new song….this is something….this is something that´ll be on the new album….if anybody ever wanted something that they couldn´t have, this is for you….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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