Story 1977-03-04 Jacksonville, FL

04.03.77 Jacksonville, FL, intro to ´It´s My Life´
´´We´re gonna be playing for a while so you oughta sit down, relax so the people behind you can see….this is a song written in, uh….early 60´s by a guy named Carl D´Errico….
(….) It was, I remember, in the summertime….me and this friend of mine used to get, we used to get his old man´s car and we used to….at night, take off down towards the Shore, I lived about twenty miles inland from the beach and uh….and we´d take off down this, this highway Route 33, heading down towards the beach and they….at the time they wouldn´t let us into bars ´cause we wasn´t old enough, we used to….used to park outside on the street, sit on the hood of the car, get the cats to leave the doors open so we could hear the bands blasting out from inside coming down from the city….to play along the Shore in the summertime….we used to stay there all night till around….four o´clock and I´d head home ….and I´d get out of the car and my old man used to lock up the frontdoor so I couldn´t come in through the front, he used to be sitting in the kitchen all night long with all the lights off smoking a cigarette, drinking beer, waiting for me and my sister to come home ….so I´d make it up on the porch, first I´d stand there in the driveway for a while and I´d ….(?) I could look through the screen door and see the light of his cigarette butt at the table….finally I’d slick my hair back real tight and try to make it up to my room….he´d always, he´d call me to come back and sit down in the dark in the kitchen, he´d always be sitting there telling me….asking me what I was doing with myself….I remember this went on….he used to sit in that kitchen at night ´as long I can remember, ever since I was a little kid, with my mom sitting in the frontroom with just….with the TV on, watching TV till she fell asleep, got up to go to work the next morning, and he´d sit there in the dark talking, I could always hear his voice…..I´d be squinting real hard and I couldn´t, I couldn´t never make out his face…..he’d start talking….just about how things were going in general first…..but then….pretty soon he’d got around to asking me where I was getting my money from….what I thought I was doing with myself and how my whole life was turning into a waste….we’d always end up screaming at each other around four in the morning… mother’d end up running, waking up, running in from the frontroom to try and keep us from fighting with each other….I’d always end up running out the backdoor ….like out into the street….telling him, screaming at him…..telling him how he was gonna have to learn to live with it pretty soon….because it was my life and I was gonna do what I wanted to do….”

04.03.77 Jacksonville, FL, intro to ‘Backstreets’
´´This is for Chris, happy birthday to you….(?) license plate number L9, please move your car (chuckles) they´re about to tow it away (chuckles) this is for Chris, on her birthday….
(….) Just me and you, baby…..just me and you, girl….we were gonna steal away….we were gonna steal away…. we were gonna slip away….I remember we had it all figured out….you was gonna quit your job and I was gonna quit my job too….and I remember….I remember….it was on the weekends, we used to….this guy abandoned this old car in the middle of this field about two or three miles outside of town….and we used to hitchhike out there….it was about two or three hundred feet off the tracks….and I remember this night we were out there….riding, we were out there riding in back….oh, way down by the railroad tracks….oh, in the backseat….in the backseat….in the backseat of that old Cadillac, baby used to ride in the back….oh, darling, take me riding….oh, you take me back….(?)…I remember there was this farmhouse ´bout a mile up the road and these kids, they set, it was abandoned, these kids set fire to it that night and they had these machines down there, they had this fire down there….it was just burning out of control, I remember we was sitting in the back of the car and we´d see the fire shoot in the air, see the water shoot in the air….and I remember you promised you was never gonna go….surely you was never going anyplace without me…..I remember you promised….I remember how you swore to it….and I remember sitting on the hood of the car and watch it rushing towards us….watching the fire rushing towards us….watching the fire rushing towards us…. watching the fields (?)….and I remember standing on the corner….I was standing on the corner (?)….had my suitcase packed….oh, we were gonna make some tracks, make some tracks….(?)…I remember a cat asked me what I was waiting for….and I stood there….time went by, the night went by….and I was standing there three in the morning, I was just wishing….just wishing that God would send down some angels and blow this whole town into the sea….just wishing that God would send some angels and blow this whole town right into the sea….just wishing that God would send some angels and blow this whole town right into the sea….just wishing that God would send some angels and blow us all away and blow us all away and blow us all away and blow us all away because you promised, blow us all away because you promised, blow us all away because you promised, just blow it all away because you promised, just blow it all away because you promised….you promised….because you promised….and because YOU LIED !….YOU LIED!….”

04.03.77 Jacksonville, FL, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Remember a few easy chords and you too can be the life of any party !….
(….) We got with us tonight….beginning….on the piano….the man with all the degrees and all the keys, a warm round of applause for Professor Roy Bittan….play it, Roy (Roy plays) and that´s what graduating high school will do for you…..we got on the guitar, poet of the soul, master of rock and roll, artiste, composer, producer, auteur, the man who brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´, ´Sweeter than Honey´, you all know him, you all love him, the magnificent Miami Steve Van Zandt (band plays ´The Theme from ´The Godfather´) oh, yes, that´s his theme song….on the bass guitar, coming to you from Long Branch, New Jersey, Mr.Garry W. Tallent….on the drums, the Mighty Max… you see him, now you don´t, on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici…. play it, D (Dan plays)….in the back, coming to you from Philadelphia, New Jersey, via Newark Airport, via Las Vegas, the Miami Horns….and last but not least….king of the goddamn world….Emperor of the motherfucking universe….lord of time and space, Mr.Hollywood himself, on the saxophone, the Big Man Clarence Clemons….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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