Story 1977-03-10 Toledo, OH

10.03.77 Toledo, Ohio, middle of ´Backstreets´
´´Just me and you, baby….just me and you, girl….and I remember going back….I remember going back….way down, way down by the railroad tracks….oh, in the backseat, in the back-seat….of that old Cadillac…..and I remember this guy….there was this abandoned car in this field about two or three miles outside of town….and at night we used to hitchhike out there…. me and this girl used to, the outside was pretty stripped down except inside the interior was still alright…and baby used to take me riding in back….I remember riding in back….(?)…I remember this night we were out there….I remember this night we were out there, there was these kids, they set fire to this old farmhouse about a mile down the road….from the backseat of the car, we could see it burning….oh, we could see it burning….and the water was, they had engines out there, they had these machines down there and the water was shooting ´bout a hundred feet in the air but they couldn´t stop it….I remember we sat there, sat there until dawn watching it burn down to the ground….and I remember that night ´cause I remember…. I remember that night ´cause that was the night that you promised you was never gonna go anyplace without me and I remember that I promised…..that I was never gonna go anyplace without you….and I remember that night you promised….and I remember we sat on top of the hood and we watched it burning….we would watch that fire burning….we watched that fire burning….and I remember the way you promised….and I already knew, I already knew….that you lied….oh, your pretty lies…oh, pretty li-li-li-li-lies….your pretty li-li-li-li-lies….oh, your pretty lies….oh, I was just wishing….then I remember standing there by myself in the dark just wishing….sitting in my room with all the lights out just wishing ….laying in bed just wishing….just wishing that for once….that God would send some angels to blow this whole town right into the sea….´cause there´s nothing left here for me…..I was just wishing that God would send some angels to blow this whole damn town right into the sea….I was just wishing that God would send some angels to blow it all away….just blow it all away, just blow it all away, just blow it all away, just blow this whole goddamned town right into the sea….just blow this whole damn town right into the sea….just blow it all away, just blow it all away, just blow it all away, just blow it all away, why don´t He just blow it all away because, because you promised, because YOU LIED !….YOU LIED !…..YOU LIED !….. YOU LIED !….”

10.03.77 Toledo, Ohio, middle of ´Growin´Up´
´´There I was !….riding down this dark road, right….way back in Jersey ´bout ten years ago ….it was me, it was Miami, was the Big Man and we had these girls with us that we took out, you know, took out to a dinner, took ´em to the movies, you know, we must get (?), said ´Ok, girls, what you wanna do next ?´, said ´We wanna go home, we wanna go home, we wanna go home´, dissing us and stuff, right, so we said ok, ok, we´ll take ´em home…..we decided we´d take ´em home down this dark road, we used to take these girls down this dark road where there´s no street lamps or nothing at night and there´s no moon, just shut off all the headlights….and try and scare ´em and stuff, you know….(?) ….and there we get down this dark road and all of a sudden, I had my foot to the floor ….we were screaming, we must´ve been doing 45, I´m driving us in this old Impala that my old man gave me, top ended 45, all of a sudden, from out of the sky came this flash of light (strange guitar sound) something like that, it was like….it sideswiped the car, we go off into the woods…right, I get out, a flat tire…the door´s all bashed in, right….dropped the transmission, right, it´s like, uh…. and like the girls, right in the backseat, they´re bitching and yelling ´cause now the car´s wrecked and they can´t go home…, you know, what you gonna do ? So, anyway, over there in the field, there it was…..(?) this big silver thing sitting there humming away, right….. (?) as we walked over to the field….I noticed a sign that said…..´Don Big Daddy (?)´…. Champion spark plugs….super-stock wheels, Hooker headers, right… we´re standing there and we´re tapping on the outside and stuff, trying to get some info and out the guy comes, right….and like in the side he has this big sign says ´Mars or bust´ ….right, so we was laughing and stuff, (?) we was laughing ´cause this guy thinks he´s on Mars, right, so the guy comes out…..says ´Take me to your lama´ or something like that, he comes down the thing and he says …. ´Ok, which way?´, you know, he thinks he´s on Mars and we explain to him that this is not Mars, that this is New Jersey and what´s more, this is my block and you just wrecked my car, right….so we were getting pretty nasty at the guy, the guy said ´Hold up, hold up, tell me which way to get to the Jersey Turnpike so I can get out of here and I give youse each one wish´…..ok….he says ´Miami, what do you wish ?´, Miami says ´I wish, Mr. Spaceman, I had a yellow suit´- boom ! - guy´s standing there, got a yellow suit….that´s pretty impressive….right, looked good….so he says ´Big Man´, Big Man says ´Mr.Spaceman, I wish I had a yellow suit´…boom !….he has a yellow suit too….so like, I was playing hard-to-get, right, I wasn´t gonna go for no yellow suit, I was thinking like, you know…new tires, something heavy, something big, right…..and he says ´Come on, kid, what do you want ? Anything you want, you wanna be emperor ? You wanna be king of the world ? You wanna be prince ? You wanna own your own Pizza Hut ? (?)´….so I thought real hard, I said ´Mr. Spaceman, I got it ! I have got my wish ! I wanna be….I want to be….I wanna be….I wanna be….I mean I wanna be…..a rock and roll star !…..”

10.03.77 Toledo, Ohio, intro to ´Quarter To Three´
"Are you loose?" (?) goes one, two, one, two, three, four…here we go, is the band ready? Are the people ready? Do what I say, here we go…uh one, uh two, uh one, two, three, four"

10.03.77 Toledo, Ohio, middle of ´Quarter To Three´
Clarence says "alright let's bring him back"…followed by Bruce saying "miracle cure, miracle cure…"

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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