Story 1978-06-16 Kansas City, MO

16.06.78 Kansas City, MO, intro to ´Growin´Up´
´´Oh, let me see now….I remember….I got….thrown out of school for….not doing this artbook we were supposed to do, I was in….8th grade, I think, and we were supposed to copy pictures of the famous masters….you know, that, uh…..the Chinese or Japanese picture with the big wave and the little boat ?….you guys don´t know that one ? that´s famous ! (chuckles) well, we had to copy that one (chuckles) and a mess of other ones, all these famous pictures and I was, like, I could not draw out, like, a straight line and so I didn´t do it and I told the Sister I didn´t do it….and she said ´No, no, you mean you lost it´, I said ´No, no, I didn´t lose it, I just didn´t do it´ (chuckles) ´No, you mean the dog ate it or something´, I said ´No, no´ so they threw me out of school and the nuns told my mother that I needed psychiatric help….this is true….so they took me down to the doctor, this guy downtown in this small town and I remember I was like laying there on the couch or something and (chuckles) and like he said ´Son…..when did this all begin ?´….so I said ´Well, Doc….now that you mentioned it….it was kind of like this….I stood stonelike at midnight…..
(….) I remembed it was me and the Big Man….and we were on this dark road….about four o´clock in the morning….in a car, we had a flat tire…..and we were like trying to get a ride but nobody´ll pick us up….so we´re sitting there….all of a sudden we see Miami coming by in his Cadillac….we go ´Miami !´…he waves and keeps right on going…..a 50-dollar fine (chuckles)….so we were sitting there and all of a sudden we looked up towards the sky, we could see this thing shooting across the sky, came streaking down, scooted around the Route 36 Circle, came tearing down our way about 3,000 miles an hour and (a loud guitar sound) and passed us by so fast…..and the guy puts his brakes on about a mile down the road and comes back, now we get a good look at this thing…´s about…´s painted… was sort of ….I think it was metallic blue and on the side, it was floating about ten feet off the ground….. and painted on the side it said ´Big Daddy Don Garlitz´….so we were pretty impressed…..we knock on the outside of this thing….this guy sticks his head out…..he looks at us and says ´Hey….do you think you two guys know the way to the New Jersey Turnpike ?´….we, we had to laugh and we said ´Mister…you are looking at the New Jersey Turnpike….and the Garden State Parkway too´ (chuckles) so he said ´Listen, come on, you guys, tell me which way to the Turnpike so I can get back to Mars, I´ll give you one wish each´ so we thought about it, we thought about it real hard, thought about a million bucks, no, thought about new clothes, we already had new clothes, a beautiful woman, no, a beautiful house, no, (?) ´Mister, Mister Spaceman, we got it, what we would like to be….if you are as sharp as you say you are, what we would like to be….is movie stars´….´No´, he says ´No, you guys, you ain´t got the looks but would you settle…..for rock and roll ?….´´

16.06.78 Kansas City, MO, middle of ´Backstreets´
´´Just me and you, baby….just me and you, girl….I remember you standing on the corner….in that pretty blue dress….that dress, the one that your baby bought you… and your sad eyes….your lonely, lonely, sad eyes….your lonely, lonely, sad eyes….and how they cried…. I´d hold you once, we´d let them cry, let ´em cry till they´re all cried out, we let ´em cry, we let ´em cry till they´re all cried out….we let ´em cry, let ´em cry till they´re all cried out….go ahead and cry, go cry till you´re all cried out….but only me and you know….baby, that only me and you knew….the way they could lie….they could tell such pretty lies….they could tell such pretty lies….and I wanted you so bad, you could dress ´em up and I´d buy each and every one, you could dress ´em all up and I was dying, and you knew….you knew I was dying and you knew, baby, you knew I was dying, you could see it in my eyes, I was dying, oh, you could see it in my eyes, I was dying and you knew….I was dying and you knew….´´

16.06.78 Kansas City, MO, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´On the piano….the only member of the band with a high school diploma, Professor Roy Bittan….on the guitar, a man who´s brought you so many hits, an author, composer, producer, artiste, how can I say it ? Miami Steve Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, if you work for your city, state or local government, just bring your union card down to your local union hall, Mr. Garry W.Tallent…..on the drums, the Mighty Max…..on the organ, now you see him now you don´t, Phantom Dan Federici….do I have to say it ?….do I have to say it ?…. do I have to say it ?….master of the world….king of the goddamn universe including half of (?) the Big Man, Clarence Clemons….
(….) Wherever you are….you can´t hide….come on out !….´´

16.06.78 Kansas City, MO, intro to ´The Promise´
´´It look like I´m gonna hold up the place with these things here (chuckles) thank you….this is uh (chuckles) this is a song, was the first song I wrote after ´Born to Run´, it´s not recorded yet, will be on the next album, I guess….this is called, uh, this is called ´The Promise´….´´

16.06.78 Kansas City, MO, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´I´d like to thank everybody for coming down here tonight, first let you know….I´d like to let you know that we really appreciate it and appreciate the way that you supported the band over the past three years when we weren´t around too much….so thank you all very much….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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