Story 1978-06-24 Portland, OR

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Darkness On The Edge Of Town´´ (following ´´Spirit In The Night´´)
´´You got my new suit dirty….hello, hello, hello….this is, uh, this is a new song….this is called ´Darkness on the edge of town´….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´For You´´
´´How you doing? (chuckles) I used to do that all the time, I used to have a beard, I used to drive myself crazy (chuckles) this is….I guess the last time we were back here was 1975, I guess, a long time ago, you know….and two years before that, two years before that, I was living in, uh, this, this, this third-story apartment over this drugstore in Asbury Park and, uh ….and I wrote a whole mess of songs that ended up on this album called ´Greetings From Asbury Park´….oh, to be back there now, having my I.D checked (chuckles) by the cops on the Circuit, it´s only due in the summertime, they sit on the Circuit and check your I.D (chuckles)….anyway, this is a song from back then, this is called, anybody who got that album? I don´t know, I don´t know if CBS shipped that one out here, did they? (chuckles) (crowd cheers) they told me, it´s funny, they used to tell it was too far, that nobody gets their albums shipped out here (chuckles) anyway, this is for you guys (chuckles) here we go….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´
´´(?) this is, uh, we had a new album come out about two weeks ago, I guess, it´s called…. only took about three years, you know (chuckles) but it got out there and, uh….this is (some girl yells ´We loved it´) that´s good, my mother told me that too after I sent (chuckles) her a copy, you know, it´s like, uh, anyway, this is something new from it, this is called, this is called ´Promised Land´….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Racing In The Street´´
´´Yeah, we´re gonna play those songs, we´ll play them….(?)….this is, uh….I wrote the, I wrote these, I wrote this song, this next song, I wrote ´Darkness on the edge of town,´ and ´Born to Run´ all around the same time, I was sitting at home and back in Asbury Park they got this Circuit, it´s formed from like Kingsley Avenue and Ocean Avenue, it´s a mini Indianapolis 500, it´s like (chuckles) and this is for all the Portland car boys, this is called ´Racing in the street´….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Paradise By The C´´
´´Wooah!….where is everybody? look at ´em, put the light down there (crowd cheers)(?) everybody ran out, everybody´s getting popcorn back there, I know….get back in here (chuckles) what´re you doing with them binoculars? (chuckles) do you know this girl, Big Man? here we go….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Fire´´
´´Clarence Clemons….playing the saxophone….(chuckles)….oh man….this next song, we´re gonna play a long time so you ought to relax and have a good time….this next song, this is a song that was, uh, on Robert Gordon´s second album, it´s called….it´s called ´Fire,´ I´ll do it for these girls right here, right now….alright (chuckles)….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Growin´ Up´´
´´I was, uh, 13…I was going to this Catholic school….right….and having a helluva time, right ….I couldn´t get along with the nuns and….they used to take me over to the convent every night after school and make me sit there and listen to ´em give all the little girls piano lessons till my father came to get me….and, uh, he´d come in and I remember it was funny ´cause he always real intimidated by ´em, you know, must´ve been all that black or something, I don´t know what it was but he´d go ´Yes, Sister, I don´t know what´s the matter with him´ and I remember I´d sit there and I remember they told him that I needed psychiatric attention and ….and, you know, so my mother takes me to this guy downtown….and I go in there, you know, and I´m standing there….I´m a wiseass, you know (chuckles) and I lay down on the couch and he says, he says ´Son, tell me….when did this all begin?´….I thought about it and I said ´Well, Doc, the last thing I remember, I mean the last thing I can ever really remember ….was….
(….) I remember it was….it was this cold, rainy night back in Asbury Park….and me and Steve, we had this band….and we were playing at this little club a block off the beach….and we just wasn´t getting anyplace, you know….and every night we´d sit there and we´d look in each other´s faces and we´d bitch and moan (?) something´s wrong, like, what´s missing? we need…you know, we need something, we need, like there´s something missing here (?) so we´d go on like this for months and months, we´d sit there and drink and cry on each other´s shoulders….so, anyway, this night we decided that we´d take a walk home by way of the boardwalk….and we´re walking down the boardwalk….you know, it was like, it was nasty, it was raining and everybody was inside and we had our coats up….and we had, we had our guitars on, we never let ´em out of our sight those days, somebody might steal ´em or something, so I had mine down here and Steve, he was, like, practising away because every place he used to go, he used to practise all the time….he used to, so he´s practising and we was walking and all of a sudden down towards the end of the boardwalk, through the fog and through the mist…..we see something coming our way and we can´t make it out at first….but what we do know is it looks pretty scary (chuckles) so we start shaking and we´re thinking what we´re gonna do, you know, we´re like getting closer and this cat, we realise that it´s a guy, it´s 30 degrees, it´s raining like crazy, we´re in our overcoats and this guy is in a white suit, strutting down the boardwalk like it was in the middle of the summertime….obviously some master of the elements (chuckles)….so first we said, we looked, he had something in his hand, we figured that it was either a gun that he was gonna shoot us with or a club that he was gonna beat us with, but when we looked real close, we could see that….it was….a saxophone….and then we heard just faintly (Clarence plays) ´Oh-oh´ we said (chuckles) we were pretty impressed, you know, it was pretty cool so the first thing we decided we were gonna do was we were gonna jump inside this doorway and hope he was gonna pass us by and not see us so we hustled over here….but no luck, we hear the footsteps coming closer…. and the footsteps coming closer….and he stands and turns and looks right at us….so we figured the smartest thing we could do was throw down all our money right away so we emptied out all our pockets, threw all the stuff down….the guy didn´t move….took off my sneakers, I threw the out….and then, and it hurt me so, I took off my leather jacket and I threw out in the rain….the guy still didn´t move….I tried to slip over here a few feet by him ….he just edged a little bit in front of me….and all he did….was he….stuck out his hand….so I said….´Hey, Mister….you wanna join my band?´ (chuckles)….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, middle of ´´Backstreets´´
´´Just me and you, baby….just me and you, girl….I remember you….I remember you…. standing on the corner in that pretty blue dress, that dress….that dress that your baby bought you, you and your sad eyes….you and your sad eyes….you cried all night long…when I´d hold you in my arms, we´d let ´em cry, baby, we let ´em till they´re all cried out, we let them cry till they´re all cried out….they were so, so lonely, lonely, lonely….oh, they were so lonely ….we were so lonely….oh, how they cried, them pretty eyes….oh, how they cried, them pretty eyes….oh, how they cried, them pretty eyes….but only me and you know….girl, only me and you knew….the way that they lied….the way that they lied….they could tell such pretty lies, such li-li-li-lies, such pretty lies, such li-li-li-lies, such pretty lies, such li-li-li-lies and baby, now I´m back, baby, now I´m back, baby, now I´m back, well, now I´m back, baby, now I´m back, baby, now, I´m back and I wanna know why, I wanna know why, I wanna know why, I wanna know why you broke my, look into my face…, you look into my face, couldn´t you tell I was dying? [the rest is missing from the source tape]…´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´On the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the guitar, Mr.Miami Steve….on the bass guitar, Mr. Garry W.Tallent…..on the drums, the Mighty Max….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici….and do I have to say it?….do I have to say it?….do I have to say it?….I guess I gotta say it….on the saxophone, king of the world, master of the universe including Hoboken, the Big Man, Clarence Clemons….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´The Promise´´
´´Thank you very much, uh….this is a song I wrote soon after I, I guess one of the first, one of the first songs I wrote after ´Born to run,´ this is called, this is called ´The Promise´….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Born To Run´´
´´I´d like to thank everybody for coming down here tonight….we´ve only been up here one time before and I wanna let you know that we really appreciate it and I wanna thank you for supporting the band the way you have over the past three years, thank you all very much…. it´s not taken for granted, I wanna let you know….here´s to you….´´

24.06.78 Portland, OR, intro to ´´Quarter To Three´´
´´I guess some of you guys ain´t ready to go yet (chuckles)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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