Story 1978-07-01 Berkeley, CA

01.07.78 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´ (after ´Spirit in the Night´)
´´There´s a girl out there, didn´t, didn´t I meet you in the same place last night ?….I didn´t…. we gotta stop meeting and got to start talking….there´s a book, came out, uh, some years ago, a book called Mystery Train, it meant a lot to me, I´m gonna do this to the author….”

01.07.78 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´For You´
´´Thanks….back in, uh, back in 1970 I came to San Francisco….and uh….I used to play at this place called The Matrix and uh….I remember because I used to open, I opened for Boz Scaggs when he got his first album out and, and uh, used to open for Charlie Mustlewhite (?) I guess, out of this band, just me and Danny and uh, I remember ´cause like….(?) this guy´s standing there in the john and he says ´Where you guys from, you guys ?´, I say ´We´re from New Jersey´, he says (cheers) all you guys from New Jersey, is that, let me guess… but the guy says ´What´s that ?´, you know, and I say ´That´s a state´, you know (chuckles) and he says ´I don´t know, I never heard of it´, you know, and uh….I say ´Well, you just gotta go to New York, you rent a car and you roll down the windows and you drive south till you gotta roll ´em up and that´s New Jersey´ (chuckles) (?) it ain´t all bad, this is for the Cleveland boys (chuckles)….”

01.07.78 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´The Promised Land´
´´(someone yells ´Bruce´) I can hear you (chuckles)….we got a…..this is my Halloween outfit ….we got a, we got a new album out, been out, I guess it´s been out, it´s still new (chuckles) it´s been out about a month, it´s called Darkness on the Edge of Town and uh….(?)(chuckles) hey, am I doing alright or what ? (cheers) this is called ´Promised Land´….”

01.07.78 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´Racing in the Street´
‘‘My mother and my father, they’re here tonight so….they’re impressed to be here tonight, you know (chuckles)….and my sister’s here and like, it’s funny ‘cause my mother calls me up, she calls me up in New Jersey, they live in San Mateo and….she calls me up ‘cause my sister, she’s 16, you know, she’s starting to get out a little bit (?)….my mother calls me up and she says ‘Bruce, Pam, she´s skipping school and she’s running out (?), she don’t go to the gym, she’s gonna fail the gym, you gotta, you gotta talk to her, you gotta, you know, you gotta explain to her’ (?)….but I told my mother I’d do something so, Pam, there’s, uh, there´s 3,000 people here tonight and when the lights come up, they’re all gonna see you and….next time you’re skipping school, chances are somebody’s gonna catch you….they’re probably been skipping school too, girl, so don’t worry about it….here’s for her, this is, this for my sister, she’s racing in the street….”

01.07.78 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´The Promise´
´´Thank you….yeah, we´ll be down there pretty soon (chuckles)….this is uh….I´m gonna do this for my Pop….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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