Story 1978-07-18 Jackson, MS

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Night'
"How you doin' Jackson…NIGHT! … NIGHT! …"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town'
"Yeah…oh (chuckles)…alright…this is…this uh…this is called 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town'…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘For You'
"The next song, I was 18, me and Steve, no, Steve wasn't in the band. It was me and Danny, I guess, in the band at the time, we uh, saved $100 each and went to California, and uh, in a pickup truck and station wagon. And we got a job out there. It was playin' in a club called The Matrix and we opened for Boz Scaggs for his 1st album. The one with Atlantic, (they) had his 1st album out at the time, and Elvin Bishop to Charlie Musselwhite, lot of Chicago blues guys, and uh, it was funny 'cause I was in the bathroom on night. I was standin' at the john and in comes this guy and he's standin' next to me. And he says, 'You guys are pretty good. Where youse from?' I said, 'We're from New Jersey (cheers) … at that time, that got no such response!' (chuckles). He said, "Well, what's that," you know, 'Oh, it's a state, that's a state, you know … fly to New York, rent a car, roll down the window and drive south,' I said. 'Till you you got to roll them up!(chuckles)(cheers) … Naw, not bad, people mistake, they think that north Jersey has a resemblance to the moon, you know (chuckles). If you ever drove thru north Jersey, all you see is these big industrial … things and like craters for 20 miles. When you get down to Asbury Park, it's alright (chuckles)(cheers) … Anyway, this wall leading up to this (chuckles) … This is (from?) Greetings From Asbury Park …"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘The Promised Land'
"…How many folks here from back east or up east? (some cheers) … Oh, man, how many .. how many, how many you guys got the 1st album we made? (cheers) … How many are over 21? (lots of cheers) … How many … younger than 13 but not older than (me?) (chuckles) … I'm kiddin'! (chuckles) …(?)"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Prove It All Night'
"I think on this song, on this song we're gonna be on the news… so… at eleven o'clock tonight… so, If everybody who notices a camera in your direction please act like you're going crazy… girls pass out (from this?) guys scream, tear off your shirts. We appreciate it and you'll help out. I got a big pimple on my face; maybe they'll shoot you guys instead…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Racing In The Street'
"In Asbury Park, there's uh … there's this circuit sort of, a mini-Indianapolis 500 … formed by these two streets called , Kingsley Avenue and Ocean, and uh … I remember I was hitch-hiking one, one day, and I got picked up by this cat … in his Camaro, and … we're out on Route 35. He says, 'Listen, I'll take you wherever you wanna go … but just come with me, for a few minutes. We gotta stop by the high school', so he's got this little kid with him, looks like he's about 12 … and uh, I figured, you know, he's dropping his brother off at high school or something. So I get in the backseat, and I got these guys … and on the way over, the kid flicks out this … 16" switch-blade … 'You wanna buy this?' (chuckles & crowd laughs) … No, no (chuckles and crowd laughs) … This is the 12 year old, this is the young kid … We pull in the parking lot, there's this other Camaro sittin' there … and I realize that this guy's not dropping me and his little brother off … he's looking to race, anybody to the high school parking lot, he's about, the guy was like … about (fan yells) my age, I think he called himself, 'The Big Chicken' or something (chuckles), and like, so we go in there, and we're like runnin' back and forth and this cat is trying to get these, this guy to race us, and the kid don't wanna, so he's run out in first (tire skid mark sound - Clarence on sax?), put it in reverse, run it back, we're going like aw, going back and forth like 20 minutes … finally, he say, this guy don't wanna race, okay, see ya. He says, 'Listen, I ain't got the gas now to take you where you wanna go (cracks up and crowd laughs), so you're gonna have to get out. So, regardless of all that stuff, we're still gonna go racing in the street …"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, after ‘Jungleland'
"We're gonna…we're gonna take a 15 minute break then we'll come right back. We'll be back in 15 minutes"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Paradise By The C'
"Come on ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for round two?"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Fire'
"Alright, listen…this is (?), alright…this is song that was on Robert Gordon's second album…for all the taxi girls (chuckles), it's called 'Fire'…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Adam Raised A Cain'
"This is called 'Adam Raised A Cain'…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Growin' Up'
"Alright, Professor please…(buttons?) this song was originally titled'I Was A Teenage Werewolf…it was way back when, two or three weeks ago…I remember it was a full moon…gotta check behind these seats…there's something loose in here…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Because The Night'
"Alright Roy…"

18.07.78 Jackson, MS, intro to ‘Quarter To Three'
"Can you get ready for one more? Here's one more…I feel some of you guys (?)…here we go"

Compiled by : Dave Brett

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