Story 1978-07-21 Nashville, TN

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Spirit in the night´
‘‘How’s everybody been down there ? Alright ?….last time I was down here, I was down here in 1969….and….they had a festival in the park and I remember it because I had a band called Steel Mill at the time….and we played in the afternoon and Roy Orbison played that night….(?)….anyway….hope you get the spirit, bam !….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Factory´
´´I remember when I was growing up….I lived in this small town and my father used to have a lot of different jobs….he was a truck driver, a guard at the jail but I remember every night for as long as, uh, all the while I was growing up, he used to sit in the kitchen in the dark with a six-pack of beer….(?)…and the only time I used to hear him, I used to have, my bedroom used to be out over the backyard and in the morning, 6 o´clock, it´d be dark, I´d hear him popping the hood to this old 100-dollar Rambler that he had, he´d be trying to get it started out there in the cold….and my mother used to wake him up a half-hour early to start the car (?) drive to work when he worked in this plastics´ factory so this is a song I wrote for him….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Prove It All Night´
´´Here´s for the girl who was whispering in my ear ´Prove it all night to me, prove it all night to me´ (chuckles)….and rubbing my back when I was down in the crowd there (chuckles)….I can´t do that (chuckles)….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Racing in the Street´
´´(?)…this is uh, this is a song, I got a 16-year-old sister in California….and uh, she just got her license….and she thinks she´s hot stuff….she takes me out, she wrecked my mother´s Toyota (chuckles) she´s 16 years old, she´s about, she´s about this big, she just got all the vital parts in the past year or so (chuckles) and she takes, she takes me out driving, she, uh, we´re in the car, you know, she says ´Hey, how many tickets you´ve got ?´, she says, I say ´Well, you know, I got a few, I got a parking ticket´, you know, (?) she says ´No, no, no, no, I mean how many speeding tickets ?´…so I say ´I got a few, you know´, she says ´Well, I got two and I´ve only been driving two months´….thinks she´s big deal…. I say ´You better slow down´ (chuckles) anyway, this is for her ´cause she ain´t been driving long enough and this is for the guys that´ve been driving too long out there, this is ´Racing in the Street´….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´We drove from Salt Lake City down to Reno last summer….and we were riding through the desert and we saw this….this indian had built this house out of the stuff that he´d scavanged off the desert….and out in front he had this big sign, it was a white sign painted in red….it said ´This is the land of peace, love, justice and no mercy´….and the bottom of this sign it said ´Thunder Road´….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Paradise by the C´
´´How you doing ? (cheers) we´re back for your dancing and listening pleasure….I got all this space up here (?)….this is uh, I got a little sore throat right now but I ain´t gonna let it bother me if you ain´t gonna let it bother you….I wanna say are you ready for the round two ?….in this corner we have the master of disaster….weighing in at 260 pounds….the Big Man himself, Clarence Clemons….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Fire´
´´(?)….got a brand new tie and something else I can´t talk about (chuckles)….yeah….I tell you I´m gonna do that for, just for that girl, what´s your name ? where are you now ?….(?)…. you´re kissing me all night long, right….I´m gonna do this for Janice right now….I gotta, I gotta move on tonight so there´s no underlying motive to this whatsoever (chuckles)….this is called ´Fire´….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´For You´
‘‘What ? (a woman shouts) just stand here ? (chuckles)….this is about it for this tie (chuckles)….this, this next song….(someone yells) it’s possible….this next song, this is uh…. (?)…it’s, uh, I wrote this, I was living in Asbury Park, on this third floor….it’s funny, the first time we came down South….I remember I´d be in the mens’ room of this little club we played outside of town here, we’d be opening up for Freddie King and uh….a long time ago and this guy came into the….bathroom, he’s standing at the john and he says ‘You guys are pretty good, where youse from ?’, I said ‘We’re from New Jersey’ and he says (cheers) that wasn´t exactly his response (chuckles)….he says ‘What’s that ?’, I say ‘Well, that´s a state, you know, that’s….that´s like you gotta fly to New York, rent a car and roll down the windows….and drive south till you gotta roll ‘em up and you know you’re in New Jersey’ (chuckles)…that´s a joke (chuckles)….that, uh….it’s alright there, it’s only North Jersey, North Jersey, that’s where they train the astronauts ‘cause it looks like the moon (chuckles) anyway, this is from Greetings from Asbury Park, this is ´For You´….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´It´s Hard to Be a Saint in the City´
´´I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, we really appreciate it…. we haven´t been here too much, I think only once before….(?)….this guy´s gonna die down here if I don´t play this song….I hope I remember all the words….alright, alright, this is called ´It´s Hard to Be a Saint in the City´….”

21.07.78 Nashville, TN, intro to ´Because the Night´
´´We´ve been through a (?)…we´ve been through about half our tour now and I´d just like to ask you, I´d like to thank some of the people that´ve been working with me, all the people, Bruce Jackson, been doing the sound for you all night long…Marc Brickman who´s done the lights for you all night long….and the whole sound crew and Mark, Wayne and Bob and….I just wanna thank ´em all very much (?)….anyway, this is for them boys….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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