Story 1978-08-05 Louisville, KY

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Badlands´
´´They´re off !….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, middle of ´Spirit in the Night´
´´What´s this, the cheap seats over here ? (chuckles)….Well, Hazy Davy, he got really hurt….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Sweet Little Sixteen´ (following ´Spirit in the Night´)
´´Lot of action out there tonight ! (chuckles)….Woh, goddamn !….oh man (chuckles) anybody survived, this is for my pals over there (chuckles) holding me over (chuckles) hey….alright ….oh, let me see, we usually do some, let´s do, let´s do something different here tonight, let´s do….let´s do that…..alright, we´re gonna, here´s an old song we used to do when playing back in the Park, we ain´t played it in a while but uh….we´re in a rocking mood so (chuckles)(sings to himself) yeah, I think I got it, alright (chuckles) here we go, we´ll give it a try….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´ (following ´Sweet Little Sixteen´)
´´Alright !….wo !….goddamn….alright….I had to get that out of my system before we (chuckles) do this next song….oh, I got a favor to ask you, I seen some of them green things flying around, please don´t throw them things around ´cause you´re gonna hit somebody on the head or something with ´em, alright (chuckles) I don´t want nobody to….the only brain damage is gonna be rock and roll inflicted, it´s like (chuckles)….we got a new album out, been out about two months and uh….this is for anybody who had to drive through the darkness on the edge of town….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Factory´
´´(someone yells) Yeah, we´re gonna do that….oh (chuckles)….oh, this is a song that I…. wrote for my father, my grandfather worked in a factory and my father worked in a factory and….this is a song I wrote for them and for, uh….I remember my old man….six a.m every morning, my bedroom was facing the backyard and he used to buy these 100-dollars junk cars….that´s all he could afford and every morning, six a.m, in the freezing cold, he´d be popping the hood, laying on the cold ground trying to get that thing started so he could go to work…..and, uh….he did that for a real long time…..”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´The Promised Land´
´´(chuckles) This is called ´Promised Land´….gotta play to my Mom (?)….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Prove It All Night´
´´No matter where you get, you gotta prove it all night….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Paradise by the C´
´´Alright, here we go….round two….in this corner, the master of the disaster….weighing in at 260 pounds….the Big Man, Clarence Clemons…..”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Sandy´ (following ´Paradise by the C´)
´´Winner in a minute and a half of the first round by a knockout (chuckles)….alright….oh shit ….oh, I´m out of tune (tunes his guitar) alright, this is, uh….we´re taking a tour of Asbury Park here….this is, uh, this Fourth of July (?) I was in California….this is for all the dislocated Jersey Shore people….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Sherry Darling´
´´Dan Federici on the accordion….two time winner of the Ted Mack Amateur Hour….
(chuckles)…this next song, this is a song we only did it once before but it´s funny, it´s like…. this was gonna be, it´s one of the first songs we recorded to be on Darkness on the Edge of Town and uh (chuckles) and what this song is, you see, there´s like, there´s a whole area of music that most people don´t know about because it ain´t been around lately but during the 60´s it used to be Fraternity Rock….now what that was that was ´Louie Louie´, ´Satisfaction´, uh, ´Farmer John´ by a group called the Premiers and there was this one song, it was the classic Fraternity Rock song of all time, it was called ´Double Shot of My Baby´s Love´ (chuckles)….which had the classic line, oh, ´It wasn´t wine that I had too much of, it was the double shot of my baby´s love´ (chuckles) anyway, this is not that song, this is a song that we made up ourselves, this is called ´Sherry Darling´ but what we need here is we need like a lot of party noises and (cheers)(chuckles) that´ll do and vomiting in your girlfriend´s purse is also allowed during this number, alright ? (chuckles) alright (chuckles) here we go, alright, here we go, party noises right now, here we go, party noises one time….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Growin´Up´
´´(chuckles) Here´s for everybody that´s still growing up….there I was….I was 13….and I remember….all of a sudden…..there was 60,000 people and they was all screaming for me…. and then I realised that somebody had pushed me over the infield fence at Yankee Stadium (chuckles) and I was in the third base line….where the cops picked me up and threw me out ….but that my first bursh with fame (chuckles) that was it (chuckles)….anyway, that night I was outside on the street (chuckles) and I looked up….instead of the infield nightlights (chuckles) I saw a full moon….and I felt hair growing all over my face….and I heard this howling (crowd howls)….and I realised at that moment that I….was the teenage werewolf…. and it was in, on that second….as I looked up….Well, I stood stonelike at midnight….
(….) There we was….it was me and Clarence and Steve….and these three girls that we´d been trying to get to go out with us for about a month….we finally got them to go out, we took ´em out to dinner, take ´em to the movies….and we were just about ready for the moment of truth, we´re driving down this dark road, we used to take ´em down this dark road and then shut off the headlights, shut off all the lights in the car so you couldn´t see anything ….and scare ´em….and we got a flat tire….so we´re trying to figure out who´s gonna fix the flat….we get out, we get in the trunk….we soon quickly figured out we ain´t go no spare…. now, this is Clarence´s car (chuckles) which we got painted at Earl Scheib for 39.95 at the time (chuckles) especially for this date….brought into Earl, left the windows down and he did the interior for nothing (chuckles)….so anyway, we see this light way off in the woods….and the girls decided that we should go and get a phone and get somebody to come and get us out of here so we go ´Ok, ok´….so through the woods we start going…..and it was dark and spooky ….and all of a sudden….we came to this clearing….and there was this gypsy lady just sitting around this fireplace….so we walk up to her, we´re just about to open our mouths, she says ´You got a flat tire….you ain´t got no spare´….one thing led to another….and we quickly had her convinced that we´d better get one wish each….or she was getting back in the car, coming back to Asbury Park with us and we were gonna stick her on the boardwalk (chuckles)….so we get one wish…..she gives Steve his wish…..he wishes for a black suit….. he got everything but the pants, it wasn´t too bad (chuckles) we settled for that…..we get Clarence his wish…..he wishes for a red suit….I´m figuring ´These guys are jerks !….they get one wish, one guy wishes for a black suit, the other guy wishes for a red suit ! I wasn´t no fool ! I was wishing for a grey suit !´ (chuckles) anyway, I didn´t get that part, they pulled me by the neck and we got together and we said ´We got one wish left, we better figure out what´s it gonna be´….you´re the Boss, you still get no respect, I tell you (chuckles)….so…..I said´´Gypsy lady, we got your number (chuckles) what we wanna be…..what we wanna be ….what we really wanna be….(chuckles) is rock and rollers !….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, middle of ´Backstreets´
´´Hello, baby…it´s good….it´s good to see you back again….and my you´re still looking fine ….and it´s been….it´s been such a long time…..such a long time….such a long time…..but, baby, I remember you…, I remember you….standing on the corner….of Richmond Avenue….with your hair up high and that crazy look in your eye at every boy that was passing you by….and back then I swore that I would drive….I swore that I would drive, I´d drive all night….anytime anyplace….I´d drive all night….anytime anyplace….I´d drive all night….anytime anyplace….just to buy you some shoes….and to taste your tender charms….to have you hold me in your arms….baby, please hold me in your arms….for just one kiss….and a look….and a look from your sad eyes….you had such lonely sad eyes… had such lonely sad eyes….we let ´em cry till they´re all cried out, we let ´em cry till they´re all cried out, let ´em cry till they´re all cried out, we let ´em cry till they´re all cried out….but it´s no use, little darling….´cause me, I can´t…. baby, I can´t cry for you any more…..I can´t cry for you any more….I can´t cry for you any more….I can´t cry for you any more…, I wish I could….baby, I wish I could… night I wish I could….in the dark I wish I could….oh, baby, I wish I could….oh, honey, I wish I could….oh, baby, I wish I could….oh God I wish I could …..oh God I wish I could…..oh, baby, I wish I could….honey, we´ve got to stop….baby,
we´ve got to stop….we both just got to stop….baby, we´ve got to stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, STOP !….”

05.08.78 Louisville, KY, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´Thank you, I just wanna make a, if you can, all you guys in front here try not to squash each other and these guys that are down here, ´cause it´s real tight and I don´t want anybody getting hurt, alright ?….and uh… please be careful with yourself down here, ok ? (?) (chuckles)(?)….I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, let you know we appreciate it….and uh, thanks for the support that you´ve shown the band over the past two or three years when we´ve been having a hard time…..and I´d like to thank, I´d like to thank these fellas that´ve been working security right up in front here, they´ve been doing a great job all night….they really have and I wanna thank him and him and all these guys ´cause I´ve been to a lot of places where I´ve seen ´em bounce the people around and I don´t like that so I´d like to just thank these guys right here and uh….another fellow was an overzealous fan there, he was (chuckles) anyway…anyway, here´s to you….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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