Story 1978-09-16 New York City, NY

16.09.78 New York City, NY, intro to ´Factory´
´´When I was a kid, my grandfather, he was an electrician….and uh, he used to have this garage out back where he used to fix up second-hand radios and second-hand TV´s and in the summertime when I was real small….he used to take me outside of town, he´d sell ´em to migrant workers who´d come up from the South, he´d drive out to the workcamps and sell ´em to ´em out there….and my father, he worked back in town in this plastics´ factory….I remember my mother used to give me his lunch to bring down to him….and I´d walk in the place, all you´d hear be the sound of the machines….”

16.09.78 New York City, NY, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´There was this Robert Mitchum movie….about these moonshiners down South….I never saw the movie, I only saw the poster in a lobby in a theater (chuckles) and….wrote a song with the same title and uh….I didn´t ever think there was any place that was really like…this place in this song…and then we were out West….and it was, uh….we drove out to Reno, Nevada, it was somewhere in the desert that….this indian had built this house….from stuff he´d picked up off the desert and out in front he had a big picture of Geronimo….and on top it said ´Landlord´….and he had a big sign that said ´Trespassers will be shot´ (chuckles)…. and painted in red it said ´This is the land of peace, love, justice and no mercy´…and it pointed down this dirt road that said ´Thunder Road´…..”

16.09.78 New York City, NY, after ´Jungleland´
´´We´re gonna take a 15 to 20-minute break and we´ll be back to do another set for you….see you in about 20 minutes….it´s tough work….”

16.09.78 New York City, NY, intro to ´Point Blank´
´´This is for the fella in a New York Yankee hat….(?)….this is uh…..this is a song called ´Point Blank´….”

16.09.78 New York City, NY, intro to ´Incident on 57th Street´
´´Somebody´s got a big sign up there, put on a few lights so I can see up there….(?) there it is (chuckles)…(?)…yeah, I can see those guys out there now, they bring those things around all the time (?)…hey, my uncle Ernie, Uncle, how´re you doing ?…hey, there´s my cousin….oh no, oh, there´s my relatives in the front row, how´d you guys get those seats ? I told ´em the last row in the balcony, how´d you get down here ? (chuckles) there´s my aunt, my aunt come down to see me, my aunt´s come down to see me….alright, this is uh….we ain´t played this song in about two years, I guess….we´ll try, I hope I remember all the words….let´s give it a shot….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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