Story 1978-09-20 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Good Rockin’ Tonight”
“Awright (laughs) (crowd cheers) give me a little light…how you doing out there tonight? (crowd cheers) you ready tonight? no fooling around tonight (crowd cheers) it’s just me and you tonight (crowd cheers) here we go…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, middle of “Spirit in the Night”
“We’re on a TV?…where is it?…well, Hazy Davy, he got really hurt…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
“Alright…alright…I got all this stuff (?)…we got something from Neptune here (crowd cheers) you guys…“Eat at the Raven Lounge” (chuckles)…says “Al, Joe, John and Bob and Kevin” (chuckles) – let me guess: that’s you guys (chuckles) “slept here four nights to get some tickets” (chuckles) what is all this stuff?…I’m not that old yet! (chuckles) oo-oh! (crowd cheers) J.D (chuckles)…it’s not this big yet (chuckles)…(strums his guitar)…what is this?…is this, is this from Care? (chuckles)…oh boy, junk food! (chuckles) I’m set for a week with this, right?…you guys should make some room so that everybody can see ‘cause we’re gonna be playing all night (crowd cheers) so you gotta, don’t crowd up here, you just like find your seats and relax ‘cause we got a long time to play…so you really clear, like clear the aisle so all the folks can see and stuff…thanks for all the goodies (chuckles)…this is, uh…there is a darkness on the edge of town (crowd cheers)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Independence Day”
“(Someone yells a request) Ah, we’ll get to that one a little later, alright? (?)…here’s a new song somebody, uh, asked for out back today…it’s for a little blonde-haired girl, I don’t know what her name is but here’s “Independence Day” (crowd cheers)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “The Promised Land”
“All these presents, what is this?…a rock! (chuckles) I can’t read all this stuff and play…this is nice: “Follow That Dream,” Elvis Presley (chuckles) we don’t know this one, we almost know it (chuckles)… (crowd cheers) they know me so well…let me restrain myself (chuckles) alright (?)…(chuckles) we’ll take care of them later, okay …”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to "Prove it all night"
"A fella's here tonight that I don't get a chance to thank very much 'cause I don't see him too much but I bought this guitar from him about four or five years ago, I guess, and, uh… his name is Phil Petillo and he's just about the best guitar…man I've ever, ever met, he's got this thing - this is a little plug for him 'cause I, I appreciate all the work that he's done for me on this thing, he's got this thing playing like a dream (chuckles)(crowd cheers) so, Phil, I don't get a chance to thank you too much, I know you're out there and I just wanna say thanks for…taking care of this so good for me, he gets out of bed at three o'clock in the morning and takes care of this thing for me when it breaks down when we're on the road…so this is for Phil Petillo, thanks a lot, Phil (crowd cheers)(piano/keyboard intro) as for you guys…do you think you're ready to prove it all night? (crowd cheers)…"

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, after “Jungleland”
“Thanks…Broooce! (chuckles) alright (chuckles) we’re gonna, we’re gonna take a 20-minute-break and we’ll be back and do another set for you – we got a surprise for you in the second set, ok? (crowd cheers) you guys are gonna be surprised, you wait and see – we’ll be back in 20 minutes…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
“Ok, I hope you’re ready for this now (chuckles) alright, here we go (chuckles)…(intro music starts)…now we know it’s a little early (chuckles)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Fire” (following “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”)
“Oh…is that sick or what? (chuckles) ah, Merry Christmas (chuckles)…oh God, what?…what was that?…oh, nothing weighing more than half a pound, please (chuckles)…hey, I gotta get to work here…you guys are crazy…here we go, “Fire”…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Point Blank”
“You wake up one morning…and you’re left staring…point blank…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Kitty’s Back”
”What is all this stuff?…I wanna thank all you guys that are sending all this stuff up here (chuckles) if I looked at it all, we wouldn’t have no time to play (chuckles) but I wanna let you know that, uh …that, uh…just thanks a lot…when you’re getting old, these things mean something (chuckles)…tonight…means that…Kitty’s…back! …”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, middle of “Rosalita”
“On the piano, Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) on the guitar, Miami Steve Van Zandt (crowd cheers) on the bass guitar, Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers) on the organ, Mr. Dan Federici (crowd cheers) on the saxophone (crowd cheers) king of the world…master of the universe…your next President…the Big Man, Clarence Clemons (crowd cheers)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Born to Run”
“Well, it was nice being alone with you tonight (chuckles)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
“Go on! (crowd cheers)…that’s disgusting…are you ready for the dirty…nasty…filthy…lowdown…“Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out?” (crowd cheers)…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, intro to “Detroit Medley”
“If you feel half as crazy as I do right now (crowd cheers)…then you’ll be ready for this next one…you’re an obnoxious little girl (chuckles)…
(…) I see you back there…you can’t hide in the back (chuckles)… because I’m making a list, I’m checking it twice…gonna find out who’s clapping and who’s not (chuckles)…Big Man, please… (Clarence starts playing)…Professor, if you will (Roy starts playing) …little bit from the drummer (Max starts playing)…everybody, let’s rock (the whole band joins in)…now wait a second (band brings the music down again)(?)…just hold that thing…Big Man…gonna need some assistance on this next move…I only do this next move…when I’m serious…the question is are you serious enough for this next move? (crowd cheers) alright…you gotta put one hand like this…one hand like that…and you go like this to the band…that’s not it yet (chuckles)…this is it (the band kicks in again)…
(…) That’s all she wrote!…”

20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, middle of "Twist and Shout"
"Hit that G…this is what's known as the last round up here (chuckles) this is the big one in the sky…so if you got anything left (crowd cheers) you better use it now (crowd cheers) 'cause that's what I'm gonna do….Aaa…"
20.09.78 Passaic, NJ, towards the end of "Twist and Shout"
"I'm going home (goes around shaking hands with people in the front row)…"

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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