Story 1980-10-04 Cincinnati, OH

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´
´´This is for, uh….Muhammad Ali…..”

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Wreck on the Highway´
´´We´re gonna be playing a long time tonight so all you guys…..all you guys that are standing up there, I want you to sit down so the people behind youse can see, it´s gonna be a long show so sit down and relax (?) thank you, thank you, thank you…..we got a new album in about a week….and uh….this is a song from it called, it´s called ´Wreck, Wreck on the Highway´….”

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Factory´
´´This is a song I wrote for my father….I always remember, when I was growing up, him getting up six o´clock every morning….and going out into the backyard….trying to get one of those, one of his junky old cars started….to go to work…..”

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´I was talking to some kids before the show and they told me how fast everybody came down here to get the tickets (chuckles)….and…..and we´ve only been here really once before, that was in 1978….I just wanna thank you and let you know it´s appreciated….”

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´I Wanna Marry You´
´´Here´s a new song….this is for all the married couples….not too many, who´s divorced ? (?)(chuckles) alright, this is called ´I Wanna Marry You´, a ladies´ choice…..”

04.10.80 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Jungleland´
´´We´re gonna do a song, we didn´t get a chance to (?) rehearse for the tour, yet we´re gonna be doing it so I gotta read these words but uh….this is for you….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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