Story 1980-10-24 Seattle, WA

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´Factory´
´´It wasn´t until I got….I got to be about 29 years old, I started to think back….and try to understand….what my parents had done with their lives and uh….when I was young I could never understand my father´d come home from work, he´d sit in the kitchen in the dark, he would just drink a six-pack of beer and get up the next morning and go back to the job….so if your folks have worked their whole lives, at a job that they hated, for you…this song´s for you….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I grew up in this house where….there was never, there was never a lot of books or a lot of ….art was, uh, 20 minutes every day in school, trying to draw something (chuckles) and…it wasn´t until, I used to come down, I remember I was about nine years old and I used to come down in the morning, my mother would have, would have the radio on in the kitchen and she used to have the….the station was called WMCA in New York, it was a Top 40-station….it wasn´t until I got into, into music and rock´n´roll that, that I understood that that things didn´t have to be the way that they were, they could be better and that there was chances out there to take….if you had the guts to take ´em…, I always felt that I was lucky, lucky to find that out when I was young enough to….to still try and make things different than they were ….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´The Promised Land´
´´Alright, this is for you guys in the bleacher seats there, alright….you get the (?) look all night long….I couldn't believe the sun was out yesterday…I´ve never been here with the sun out….I didn´t recognise the place (chuckles)….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´The River´
"This is for the guys from the Lost Highway…"

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´I Wanna Marry You´
´´I used to live in this house, it was on the main street, one of the main streets in town, a street called South Street….and….every day around 5.30 used to be this girl who used to walk by…I was about 18 or, I was 18 years old, I used to sit on the porch and she had a couple of kids and she was a lot older than me, I was always afraid to go up and introduce myself….so day after day I would sit out there….and we would try to think of ways of attracting her attention so….I remember I went down, I worked one summer, went down to Western Autostore, bought this guitar for 18.95….learned ´Twist and Shout´….that´s an easy one….if you just got a guitar, try ´Twist and Shout´, that´s pretty (chuckles) just three chords ….and she come walking by, I´d start strumming those chords, she wouldn´t even look over ….and Clarence….he used to try….riding by on his bicycle with no hands, playing a saxophone….nothing….never worked out, moved away, never met her, never saw her again ….so you get older, you think that you forget people like that, people that you only saw for like….passing by in a car or you see ´em on the streetcorner….but for some reason you never do a lot of times….Big Man, remember that girl ?….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´Crush on You´
´´There I was (chuckles)….walking down the street, minding my own business….and all of a sudden…coming from the other direction….I saw her….was she fine ? (crowd : ´Yeah´)….was she sweet ? (crowd : ´Yeah´)….did she know my name ? hell no !….I said ´(?) I got a crush on you´…..”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´You Can Look´
´´And then….I heard a tapping on the window….and a voice said the dark….´Son, as you know, in this world that we live, that we must walk through every day….you can look….but you better not touch….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´On the piano….Mr. E=MC2….the only member of the band with a full high school diploma, Professor Roy Bittan….let´s hear it for education….on the guitar….the man who never graduated 6th grade, poet of the soul, master of rock´n´roll who brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´, ´Sweeter than Honey´, ´This Time It´s for Real, ´Some Things Just Don´t Change´, ´Miami´ Steve Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, ´Mighty´ Max Weinberg ….on the organ, coming to you all the way from Flemington, New Jersey….how many folks from Flemington here tonight ? (cheers) alright …..´Phantom´ Dan Federici on the organ….now, last but not least….king of the world…. master of the universe….more powerful than a speeding locomotive….able to leap tall buildings in a single bound….is it a bird ?….is it a plane ?…is it the Big Man ?….Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….”

24.10.80 Seattle, WA, intro to ´Jungleland´
´´(?) the feeling that we got, we came into town yesterday afternoon and….just from the radio and just, we were walking around a little bit, the feeling that we got was just, was just so nice, I wanna thank you very much….this is for you guys…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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