Story 1980-10-27 Oakland, CA

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´Factory´´
´´I remember when I was young….I used to….I used to hate to come home at night ´cause I remember my Pop used to sit in the kitchen at night waiting for me….after he´d worked all day, he´d sit there in the dark…..and it wasn´t until I got to be about 28 or 29 that I started to think, trying to understand what my parents´d done with their lives….(?) he worked at a, at a hundred different jobs that….that you work all day at and barely make nothing back….and I started thinking about how much….how much more, how much luckier I was than he was ´cause I´ve had about as much freedom as you can buy….(?)….´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´Independence Day´´
´´I remember when I was, when I was nine years old, I used to come down every morning before school, my mother used to always have the radio playing in the kitchen….and she had on this station that was….it was WMCA, it was a top40-station in New York….and… was then that I first started….when I first started listening to music and getting into rock and roll music….it was the first time that I´d ever felt something that I, I couldn´t learn in the school,
I couldn´t learn in school, they didn´t teach you, couldn´t even feel it out on the street….it just made me aware that there was a possibility that things could be, if you tried, things could be better than they were….´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´Racing in the Street´´
´´This is for all the Oakland, Oakland car-clubs….´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´I Wanna Marry You´´
´´(chuckles)….(?) Mountain St.Helens, Clarence Clemons (chuckles)….(music starts)….I used to live….I used to live on this street called South Street….it was in this town called Freehold, New Jersey (cheers) how many folks from Freehold tonight? (cheers) you all took the bus out here, right? (chuckles)(cheers) Lincoln Transit (chuckles) that´s the mob from Freehold (chuckles) that´s the mob….how many from Flemington? (some cheers)(chuckles) who´s from Oakland? (some cheers) there´s more people from Freehold (chuckles) oh man, anyway, I used to….I used to sit on my stoop every day when I was about 17 and there was this one girl that used to walk by my house all the time, there was a lot of girls who used to walk by me (chuckles) but there was this one girl I remember (chuckles) and….she was a lot older than me, she had a couple of kids and I was always afraid to, to go up and….find out what her name is, I don´t know what makes you afraid to do that stuff, you know, what, what´s the worst she´s gonna say, ´No´? you know, was that gonna be so terrible? yeah, it´s gonna be terrible (chuckles) remember her, Clarence? (chuckles) but sometimes you think that when you get older, you´ll forget people like that, people that you only see from so far away, you only see for a little while, a long time ago but sometimes you just never do…. Here she comes walking down the street…. ´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´Crush on You´´
´´The story you are about to hear is true…..the names have been changed to protect the innocent….people who do not want to be known….I was walking down the street one night ….it was in Oakland, California….I made that part up, that´s not true (chuckles) and there she was….was she sweet, Steve?….was she fine?….was she mine?….I chased her down Route 34, she rolled up the windows, she locked all the doors….but did I give up? (crowd: ´No´) oh, no! (chuckles) I pounded on the window, I said ´Darling, it´s true….what?….little girl, I got a cr-cr-cr….crush on you…..´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´We have with us tonight a galaxy of stars…beginning….to the far left….the only member of the band with a full high school diploma….so let´s hear it for higher education….and Professor Roy Bittan at the piano….on the guitar….poet of the soul, master of rock´n´roll, a man who brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´, ´Sweeter than Honey´, ´This Time It´s for Real, ´Some Things Just Don´t Change,´ Miami Steve Van Zandt on the guitar….on the bass guitar….Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums….The Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ….coming to you….imported from the same town that gave you that fantastic ´Flemington Furs´-commercial on T.V, from Flemington, New Jersey, now you see him, now you don´t, Phantom Dan Federici on the organ….what can I say?….last but not least….king of the world….master of the universe….and the next President of the United States….now you don´t want Carter….you don´t want no Reagan… improve the economy on a rock and roll (?) ticket, the Big Man Clarence Clemons….hail to the Chief….(band plays ´Hail to the Chief´)….´´

27.10.80 Oakland, CA, intro to ´´I´m a Rocker´´
´´Alright….this is a new song from my new album….you heard about it on the radio, you read about it on T.V (chuckles) no, not that one, this is a different one (chuckles) come on, band, come on, Max…..oh yeah….this is for everybody way back on the mountain there….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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