Story 1980-10-30 Los Angeles, CA

30.10.80 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Factory´
´´My father quit high school when he was 16 years old and the war was on, he went into the army, came out….and he married my Mom and they had me about a year or two later (?)…. he took on the responsobilities of being a husband and a father when he was a very young man….and I can remember when I was young, he had a lot of different jobs, driving a taxi or driving a truck, working at the plastics factory and….when he´d go to apply for something, they´d tell him the only thing he was qualified for was factory work….he knew that there was more (?) than that, it wasn´t until I got to be about 28 or 29, I started to think back….´bout what my folks did with their lives and…..and the dreams that they gave up so that I got (?) ….and….(?) there´s people sometimes that come down, there´s people that get a chance….to live the kind of life they wanted, get a chance to change the world they´re living in and then there´s people….that do what they have to every day to make sure that the world that they live in doesn´t fall apart….when I was 16, I couldn´t figure out that what my old man was doing, laying on the cold ground at six in the morning, trying to get one of the junk cars to start so he could get to work….that he was doing that for me….so if your folks worked every day at a job they hated….so you don´t have to….”

30.10.80 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Two Hearts´
´´I don't want to go blather on all night, but there´s something, there´s something that´s happening here in Los Angeles that I´d just like to take two seconds to talk about. The highest price that you were supposed to pay for a seat here tonight was 12 dollars and 50 cents….we´ve gotten, we´ve gotten a lot of letters, I´ve talked to a lot of kids that are telling me they´re paying 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 150 dollars for seats….. and… what I´m saying is, what you have here in Los Angeles is you have a situation where you have ticket agencies where you have legalized scalping going on, somebody (boos) they can take, they can buy your ticket in New York City when you buy a ticket, the most a ticket agency can sell it for is a dollar fifty more than the price that is on it….what´s happening here, what´s happening here is there´s people taking advantage of your desire to come down and see a show and they´re not given another choice….tickets should go to the fans, they should not go to scalpers….in 1977 there was a bill introduced that would make the process by which these outrageous ticket prices come about illegal, and what, what I would like to see happen in this town would be if we could get together somehow and put some public pressure on the fellows in Sacramento and other beings in the State Assembly….And if you came in here, and I´d give you this information, I know they'd talk about it…What I´m saying is, man, people are, they´re getting beat and I don´t like to see it, it hurts me when I hear about it….some kid comes up and tells me they paid eighty dollars to sit in a certain seat, it´s just not right, and so all I´m saying is it´s got to be Sacramento and the State Assembly, and all I can say to people that are making all this money, I mean, they don´t deserve it, you guys deserve it a lot better so…..”

30.10.80 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´I Wanna Marry You´
´´When I was 17 (?)….I lived in this house that was on this, I guess, main highway that ran through town….and I used to sit out on my porch every day….and there´s used to be this…. this one girl who used to walk by every day through town…..I used to watch her all the time, she was, seemed like she was a little older than me, she had a couple of kids and uh…..I used to just sit there and think of ways that I could, that I could introduce myself to her….and…. we used to be like ´What, what´s the big deal if I go up and she says, you know, ´Drop dead or something ? How terrible is that ? Right, it´s not that bad´….(?)….but I moved away and I never got to meet her and I never got to see her again….and I used to think that I´d forget about her….but every once in a while, especially when I would drive back home, back through the town where I grew up, I could always see her just like she was then….like she never got older or she never changed….(?)….´”

30.10.80 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Crush On You´
´´The story you´re about to hear is true….there are ten million stories in Los Angeles ….this happened in New Jersey…the names have been changed to protect the innocent ….I was walking down the street, minding my own business and all of a sudden …. Steve ….there she was…was she sweet ? (crowd : ´Yeah!´)….was she fine ? (crowd : ´Yeah!´) ….was she gonna be mine ? (crowd : ´Yeah!)….I chased her down to Route 34….she rolled up the windows and she locked all the doors….but did that stop me ? (crowd : ´No!´)….do you think that stopped me ? (crowd : ´No!´)….well, it did….I knocked on the window, I said ´Darling, it´s sad but true but, little girl, I´ve got a crush on you….”

30.10.80 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Drive All Night´
´´(?)…we recorded the new album, we recorded it in New York City but we mixed it for….a long time down in Los Angeles….and….I was out here from about May until September…. and…..there was a lot of people, when I was here, that would come, go over to the hotel and come down to the studio….and I´m sorry but I don´t remember this fella´s name but he came down about ten times…..that you ?….how´d you get such good seats ?…I know, I know…. anyway I, I´m sure he´s here and (?) a fella that´s leaving all the notes on my car….and, uh, this is for you if you´re out there….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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