Story 1980-11-08 Dallas, TX

08.11.80 Dallas, Texas, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I grew up in this, uh….it was a real small town, only about 10,000 people….it was about 20 miles inland….from the coast and, uh….I remember when I went to school, I never did good in school and….and they used to teach that if you didn´t do, do good in school that was just because you´re dumb or you´re stupid….and I remember the first time that….I got to be….I, I turned on the radio, my mother used to have it playing in the morning in the kitchen before, before I´d go….and… was from the radio that I learned a lot of things from the songs that were on the radio and I listened to all those singers and they´d sound so much like they were singing, singing from the heart and singing to your heart….and….and it was, it was the first time that I got any idea that, that….that I didn´t have to be living the way I was living, that things could be better and that my life could be better….and uh….I figured that if they knew how to do that in school, if they could instead of talking to your head, they could learn to talk to your heart somehow….and that was, that was in the early, I was in my teens, it was in the early 60´s and there was a lot of….just a lot of beautiful music around (?) and….but those chances and those dreams are all still out there….”

08.11.80 Dallas, Texas, intro to ´Factory´
´´I remember when my old man used to work, six in the morning….he´d be out back underneath one of the junk cars he always bought, trying to get it started to go to work….and uh….he never got a chance to hear those songs on the radio….”

08.11.80 Dallas, Texas, intro to ´I wanna marry you´
‘‘I used to….I had a girlfriend for a long time who was from Texas….she was right from this town…..and I met her about in 19….74, I guess (?)….we were playing at this club…..and every time I come to town, her mother always comes to see me…..(?)….I don’t know if she’s here tonight…..but if you are, Mrs Darvin, if you’re here, please come over here at the end of the show and, uh….I was always on my best behavior (?) ….but anyway, she was real pretty, she was real nice….hey Big Man, remember that girl that used to….remember, used to walk by my house every day….we used to sit out there on the porch…..sometimes….(?)…”

08.11.80 Dallas, Texas, intro to ´Drive All Night´
´´I wanna thank the folks who are sending, sending the cards and stuff backstage (?)…this is for somebody who didn´t sign their name, this is for (?) wherever he or she is out there….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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