Story 1980-11-14 Houston, TX

14.11.80 Houston, TX, intro to ´´Factory´´
´´When I was young….I remember I could never get along with my old man and….and at the time I could never, I could never understand why and….it wasn´t until I got to be about….28 or 29 that I started to look back and try to see and understand the things that he´d done with his life….and he got married when he was real young and he went, went to World War II and he came back and he took on the responsobilities of being a husband and a father and he was still a very young man….and….it was hard for me at that time to understand….his disappointments and his hopes and his dreams that didn´t come true for him….and uh…..I guess there´s two kinds of people: there´s the people that change the world, there´s the people that - like he was, he worked every day and sort of kept it from, kept the world from falling apart….I wrote this for him….´´

14.11.80 Houston, TX, intro to ´´I Wanna Marry You´´
´´(?) a girl I met today, this is for you….hey, Big Man….(?)….me and Clarence, we used to sit, sit on my porch every day, I used to live on this main street in town and….and every day about 5.30 there was this one girl who used to walk home from downtown….we used to try and get each other (?) to go up and meet her, he used to sit there in his suit, I used to sit there in my dongarees so we figured we´d have more coverage, if she liked a well-dressed man or is she liked (?)(chuckles) you know…but we never got….we never really got a chance to meet her….at the time she was, she was a lot older than us and she had a couple of kids…. but sometimes there´s people that you see just walking down the street or just driving by in the car and….as you get older, that stuff, that you think you´d forget ´em, you´d forget that face or forget that moment but sometimes it stays with you, I guess, I guess till you (?)…. (starts singing the ´Here She Comes´-intro)….

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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