Story 1980-12-06 Philadelphia, PA

06.12.80 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I remember when I was….when I was in high school….I never did….I never did very good in school….I just could never seem to….to get interested or to have a desire to….pay attention to some of the things that they were trying to….trying to teach….and….and I don´t know if it was the way that they were trying to do it, they´d just try to cram stuff, stuff into your head instead of finding some way that they could get it, get it through your heart a little bit…. because I used to think that….that all that stuff that they were teaching that a lot of it was stuff that I wished, that I wished later on that I wished that I´d known about….I was thinking how if I´d been, I´d been one of them writers and written one of these great books or something and I wondered how they´d feel how….if they saw that 20 years later or a 100 years later that people made, made all that passion that they wrote, how they made it so boring, seem so boring….and I was, I used to figure what would happen if….if somebody, if they could do that to some great book, why couldn´t they….what´d ever happen like to some great Drifters record or what´d ever happen to some great Elvis Presley record….´cause it always seemed in school that, that instead of trying to help you find your place somehow, they´d always….they were teaching you stuff in a way to just try and keep you in your place ….it wasn´t till I started listening to the radio and started, I used to listen to this Top 40 station WMCA, used to be in New York City….and….they used to play all these, all these great records, all (?) great Drifters record, ´Saturday Night at the Movies´ and the guy was always, he always seemed so happy but yet if you listen real close, you could always hear this, this just sadness in the back of his voice….and it wasn´t till I started listening to that stuff that I got, that I felt that there was any reason to….reason to keep on going and to do anything, you know….and I realised that there´s so many people that don´t find….and I look all around me in the town that I grew up in and I saw so many people that just never find no reason to believe or no reason to keep on living…´cause it´s so easy to miss….and I seen how my…how I felt that my father always, always missed it somehow…he never found something that, that made him just wanna live till the next day….and I decided that I wasn´t gonna miss it….”

06.12.80 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Ramrod´
´´Hey little dolly with the blue jeans on, you gotta meet me tonight down on Bluebird Street, who knows where that is ? (some cheers)….you gotta know more than that, I tell you right now…..”

06.12.80 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´It was a dark night….and I crossed that bridge that said….´All lanes…to Philadelphia´….
(….) On the piano….we have….a direct descendent….of Beethoven….(?)….´Professor´ Roy Bittan on the piano….oh yeah….on the guitar…we got…poet of the soul, master of rock´n´roll, a man who brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´, ´Sweeter than Honey´, ´This Time It´s for Real, ´Some Things Just Don´t Change´, ´Miami´ Steve Van Zandt on the guitar…on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums….representing everybody from South Orange….´Mighty´ Max Weinberg….on the organ….a man who comes to you from the same town that gives you that fantastic Flemington Furs commercial on the television, Dan Federici….´Phantom´ Dan on the organ….and now last but not least….how can I say it ?….let me count the ways….king of the world….emperor of the universe….master of all things, great and small…..faster than a speeding bullet….more powerful than a locomotive….able to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single bound….is it a bird ? ….hell no….is it a plane ?….what the hell is it ? ….´Big Man´ Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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