Story 1981-01-23 Montreal, QC

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Independence Day”
“When I was growing up, I remember every night….my old man used to lock up the frontdoor so that….when me and my sister came in, we used to have to go around the, go around the backporch and come in through the screendoor where he´d be sitting in the kitchen with the lights out, just drinking a six-pack of beer, waiting for us to come home…. and that was, that was about the only time in the day when I ever used to get to see him ´cause he used to get up in the morning and go off to work before, before we got up for school….and we never got a chance to talk to each other except….except late at night, after I´d been out all night and after he´d been sitting in the kitchen too long….(?) something that ….it seemed like we could never say what we felt about each other….unless we were both angry….and when I got, when I got older…when I was 18, my folks moved out to California and uh….I didn´t see him very much for a very long time….and then when I got out there and I seen him….we were able to talk, talk in the way that I wish we´d been able to talk when I was, when I was 15, 16 or 17 years old….but when I was that old, my old man wasn´t much older than I am right now…and he´d left a lot of things behind, he´d gotten bitter about a lot of things….that he´d given up….maybe to give me a chance to, to get some of the things that I wanted….so your folks are funny, you know, in a lot of ways I realised that he was just like me….so if you got some at home….it´s good, sometimes it´s good to talk to ´em once in a while (chuckles)….”

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Racing in the Street”
“Alright, this is for Flo….this is for Rosie, Ralph, Enzo, Pat, Tony and Sergio, this is for you guys….”

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Sandy”
“This is, uh….this is for Sandy….from Asbury Park with love….”

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Wreck on the Highway”
“I guess the hardest thing to do is to find, find something that´s good and to make it last…. it seems like that nothing good ever lasts for too long….”

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Drive All Night”
“This is a song we haven´t….we haven´t done yet on this tour, on this section of the tour….”

23.01.81 Montreal, Canada, intro to “Jungleland”
“Thank you….I´d like to thank, thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight…. (?)….this is for all you guys….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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