Story 1981-02-18 Jacksonville, FL

18.02.81 Jacksonville, FL, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I remember….my old man getting up at six in the morning… go out back…..and start up some car he bought for 200 dollars to try and make it to work….and then I´d never see him again until he came home at night….when he´d sit in the kitchen….with the lights out, just drink some beer, smoking a cigarette….and I remember that he never, it seemed like he never had a friend, he never had nothing….nothing that ever made him happy or made him feel like life was worth living….for some reason he couldn´t find that thing….in my mother or in me and my sister….and I remember watching him and thinking that if I had to live, live my life like that that I´d, that I´d die….when I looked around and it just didn´t seem….didn´t seem like there was anything that pointing, pointing to any way to get out of there….like you´d go in school and in school it seemed like they´d teach you, they wouldn´t teach you how to find your place but they would be teaching you stuff to keep you in your place….(?) and it didn´t seem like, like it was happening on purpose, it seemed like just something went wrong a real long time ago and that nobody knew how to straighten it out…..and then when I got to be about 13, I started listening to the radio….and it wasn´t in what, and it wasn´t in what those, those guys were saying but it was in the way that, it was like the sound in the singer´s voice ….like the Drifters when they were singing ´Saturday Night at the Movies´ or ´Under the Boardwalk´….there was just something in those voices that said that there´s more to life than the way that I was living and the way that my father lives his life and my mother lives hers …..and I decided when I was real young…..I got scared and I decided that I wasn´t gonna miss it….and you shouldn´t let, you shouldn´t miss it either…..”

18.02.81 Jacksonville, FL, intro to ´This Land Is Your Land´
´´This song was written a long time ago….and it was written as an answer to ´God Bless America´….and since it´s been written, it´s been, it´s been sung all over the country and it´s been misinterpreted a lot….´cause it was, uh….it´s a song that was written as a fighting song, it was written ´cause when times get bad, people look around and it seems that they always try to….try to blame the neighbor, I guess it was written as a song….to fight all the prejudice and hatred that gets passed off as, as nationalism or patriotism….and….(?) this song is as, as important today than it ever was because it was meant to say that the, that the country that you live in belongs, it don´t belong to Exxon, it belongs to you…..and someday you´re probably gonna be called on to….to have to fight for it so….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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