Story 1981-03-05 Indianapolis, IN

05.03.81 Indianapolis, IN, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I remember I grew up watching my….old man go off every day to….a variety of different jobs all of which he hated…..and when I was young, I thought he was such a fool….´cause he got married, he got married when he was real young, he´d just got out of the army….and uh…. he took on the responsibilities of being a husband and a father….when he was just a real young man…..and when we were, when I was living at home…..and we were having our fights, he wasn't much older than I am right now….well…..some people, they grow up and they get a chance to, to change the way the world's (?)….and other people, they just… seems they just do their job to keep the world from falling apart….(?)….”

05.03.81 Indianapolis, IN, intro to ´This Land Is Your Land´
´´Thank you….this song was, uh….written by Woody Guthrie….and….it´s been sung a whole lot over the years…..and it´s been misinterpreted a whole lot, I think…..uh… was a song that was originally, was written as an answer to ´God Bless America´ and it was about…. ´bout when times get tough, there´s always, uh…..always seems to be a resurgence of the kind of people….that are trying to spread prejudice and hatred in the name of patriotism or nationalism….but uh….mainly it was just written, I guess, it was written as a fighting song that says that you gotta, to make this true, you gotta believe it, you gotta fight for it every day ….”

05.03.81 Indianapolis, IN, intro to ´Stolen Car´
´´This is uh….for anybody from Cincinnati (cheers)….I went to a… while we were making, making the last album, a close friend of mine got married and…..and the rabbi got up and he started talking about how….until you connect up with somebody….that all the dreams and the fantasies you have….they just stay, they stay dreams and fantasies, the first step to making ´em real is, uh….trying to get out and get in touch with somebody….and….that´s like a song, you know, a song if, if you write a song and you don´t play it for nobody, it´s no good….now, some people always miss that connection (?)….”

05.03.81 Indianapolis, IN, intro to ´Jungleland´
´´I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much…..I know a lot of you guys waited a long time for your tickets, we´re sorry we missed you last time….this is uh….this is our 70, 73rd show tonight and this uh (chuckles)….this is our last show in America for a while….(?) Indianapolis….but uh….I´d just like to take a second, there´s guys, there´s guys that come in real early in the morning, a long time before we get here and they don´t leave till real late at night, I got about the best crew in the world, they put all this stuff up every night so it sounds good and you can see good (cheers) and I appreciate it if you´ll give a hand to ´em (?)(cheers)….and Chrissie, this is for Chrissie (?) and his girl….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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