Story 1981-04-14 Frankfurt, Germany

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Independence Day”
“This is called “Independence Day” (crowd cheers)(music starts)…I grew up in a house where…seems nobody ever talked to each other and…when I was growing up, I watched…I watched my dad every day get up before I went to school and I had a room that was…was out at the back of the house, overlooking the backyard…and he used to buy these two, three hundred dollar cars and he’d be up every morning trying to get it started, laying on the cold ground so he could make it to work…and he was…he was really young, he… when I was sixteen or seventeen years old and we were having our fights, he wasn’t much older than I am right now…and he took on a lot of responsibility when, when he was a very young man, of being a husband and being a father…and sometimes I’d, he worked at this plastics factory on the outskirts of town and I’d go down and I’d bring him his lunch…and it seemed like there was nothing in that town for anybody there but that kind of life…and then I started to listen…to the radio…and it wasn’t in so much, in those days it wasn’t so much in what, in what they were saying but it was, it was in the voices of the singers…they used to sound like…all they were saying was that there was more to life than this and I didn’t have to live the way that my father did and the way that his father did…but it’s hard to break away from that…because they don’t know how to, they don’t know how to tell you in school and you can’t learn out on the street and you can’t learn it, it seems, most people can’t learn it at home…but the things that were on the radio those days, they used to come, it was like it came straight, straight from somebody’s heart straight into your heart and…all it said was there’s a better world out there so don’t miss it…(long pause)…it’s harder for you…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”
“This is a song by John Fogerty…a question everybody asks themselves…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Two Hearts”
“It’s gonna take the two of us…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “This Land Is Your Land”
“This song’s been sung…in the States it’s sung a whole lot…I think it’s, uh…it’s been misinterpreted a whole lot…this song was originally written as a, as a fighting song, it was written as an answer, an angry answer to “God Bless America” (loud cheers from some Americans next to the taper) somebody asked me the other night how I can sing this song when I know that it isn’t true…and… the title of this song is more…it’s not a statement, it’s more of a question and it’s…the heart of this song, I think, is about, it’s the dream that’s in people all over the world that…it gets pushed down for a while but I don’t think it ever dies or ever goes away…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, after “Thunder Road”
“(crowd cheers) Thanks…listen…we’re gonna take a short break, then we’re gonna come back and do another whole set for you (crowd cheers) so don’t go home ‘cause we’ll be back in a little while, ok (crowd cheers)…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Point Blank”
“This is, uh…this is a song called…”Point Blank” (crowd cheers)…it seems like the line…between…living and dying gets real thin and… when I was growing up, I saw a lot of people…whose lives didn’t go the way they thought they would…and who slowly got beat out of all the things that, that made ‘em…made ‘em young…that’s easy to lose, it’s…it’s easy to…I need a little, uh, I need a little quiet for this song, ok, thank you…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Racing in the Street”
“This is…this is a song from “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” this is, uh, for any folks from back home (some cheers) this is, uh…this is called “Racing in the Street”…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, middle of “Rosalita”
“On the piano…Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) play it, Roy (Roy plays)…on the guitar…Miami Steve Van Zandt (crowd cheers)… on the bass, Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers)…on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers)…on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici (crowd cheers)…and last but not least (crowd cheers) I’m talking about the king of the world now (crowd cheers) I’m talking about the master of the universe (crowd cheers) I’m talking about the emperor of all things (crowd cheers) I don’t care who you bring down here now (?) Mohammed Ali, Henry Kissinger – ain’t none of them turkeys can stand to the power and the glory of the Big Man, Clarence Clemons (crowd cheers)…”

14.04.81 Frankfurt, Germany, intro to “Rockin’ All Over the World”
“I wanna thank…I wanna thank you all for coming down to the show tonight, thank you very much (crowd cheers) we appreciate it …here’s to you…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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