Story 1981-04-26 Brussels, Belgium

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, intro to ´´Independence Day´´
´´This is a song, this is ´Independence Day´….thanks, I need a little, I need a little quiet for this, thank you….(music starts)….I grew up in this little town that…..I guess….the main…. there was a rugmill that….in the 50´s and the 60´s most everybody worked there….and I went to high school….and when I was 15 or 16….I looked around…..and I saw all my friends, all the people that I´d grown up with….and it didn´t seem like they were, they were going anywhere or they had anything, anything that they could do to make them feel, uh, strong inside….and I looked back at my father and he was working in a plastics´ factory and his father before him worked in the rugmill and….and I tried to think what it was that we had, we had in common and how it was that a generation after a generation, we´d end up doing the same kind of work, living in the same houses….and I….and I thought and I found out that the one thing that we, we had in common is that we didn´t know enough, we didn´t know enough to understand the forces that were….that were working on our lives…..enough to be able to change them or to get out of that same old pattern every day….and later I was reading this book, it was called The History of the United States and in it you find out, I found out how I ended up where I was and how the chances of….of me breaking out of that kind of life ….or anybody, anybody breaking out of that kind of life get slimmer and slimmer every day ….but if you don´t find out about yourself, if you don´t find out about where, where you come from and how you got to be who you are today….you don´t find out how, how you end up a victim and you don´t even know it….´cause there´s a lot of people that, that I grew up with back home, people with good hearts and strong inside that, that are gonna die because ….because they never found out and they were, they were never able to pull up….the, the strength that they had inside of them…..and be able to live just like, just like decent people should be able to live everywhere in the world…..´´

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´This….(people are yelling requests) we´re gonna, we´re gonna get to those later, alright? ….this, this is a song that was, uh, written by Woody Guthrie and….in the, uh, in the States, I guess, all, all around the world when, when times, when times get tough, like they are now, uh….(?) there´s a lot of unemployment, I guess it´s the same everywhere, people can´t find jobs, there´s always, there´s always a resurrection, there´s always a, a renewal of the kinds of groups, like in the States they call themselves the Ku Klux Klan or the National Socialists (people boo) and there´s always, there´s always a resurgence of the kind of groups that try to, that try to spread, spread their prejudice and hatred saying that the land that you live in belongs to one small group of people, either a certain race or a certain….certain religion and this is a song that was just, this was a song, it was a fighting song, this song was written as an answer, an angry answer to ´God Bless America,´ it said that the land that you live in belongs to each, it should belong to each and every one of you…..I guess, I guess, it´s….it´s a dream, it´s a dream that gets, that gets pushed down a whole and, but, (?) could never die but you gotta fight to make it true…..´´

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, intro to ´´Stolen Car´´
´´Thanks….(someone yells a request) we´re gonna get to that one later….this is, uh, this song, I went to a….friend of mine´s wedding while we were making The River¬-album….and….the rabbi got up and said that….matter of fact he quoted a Marvin Gaye and Tammy Tarell song (chuckles) and he said, he said, it´s a song called ´It Takes Two´ and the line goes, uh, ´One can dream but it takes two to make a dream come true´….and some people don´t, don´t ever make that connection and it´s just a connection like, like you make with me, like I make with you tonight and you make with your friends….but I´ve, I´ve known a lot of people that, that have missed it and, and when you miss that, you´re missing out, I guess, you´re just missing out on living and, uh, end up like a ghost so this is a ghost story and I need a little quiet, a little quiet for this, thank you….´´

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´We have with us tonight….on our stage… the far left, on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the guitar, Miami Steve Van Zandt….on the bass, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici….and last but not least….how can I say it?….words fail me….how about….king of the world?….master of the universe….emperor of all things….faster than a speeding bullet….more powerful than a roaring locomotive….able to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings, no, I mean tall women in a single bound….is it a bird? (crowd: ´No´) is it a plane? (crowd: ´No´) is it, is it the Big Man Clarence Clemons….
(….) This is his last chance to tell his daughter to come up with some muscles….´cause we´re gonna rock all night tonight in Brussels….´´

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, middle of ´´Detroit Medley´´
´´Wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute…..wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….wait a minute….
Big Man….I got a gas crisis….ran out of gas now (?)….oh yeah, I got a gas crisis happening right now….I´m done for….this is the end for me….(?) I can´t, I got a gas crisis, ain´t got no more gas (?) no, no….don´t need no gas?….don´t need no gas? I don´t need, I don´t need no gas? (crowd: ´No´) I don´t need no gas? (crowd: ´No´) just gonna leave the car by the side of the road? we don´t need the car? (crowd: ´No´) we don´t need the car? (crowd: ´No´)(?) we don´t need the car because….be- (chuckles) cause…..because (crowd: ´Why?´) I´m glad you asked because I see a train….´´

26.04.81 Brussels, Belgium, intro to ´´Rockin´ All Over the World´´
´´(?)….I wanna thank, I wanna thank you all for coming down to the show tonight, thank you all very much….I´d like to thank, it´s our first time in, in Brussels here, thank you for giving us such a, such a warm response, thank you….thanks for being so quiet on the slow songs too, I appreciate it….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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