Story 1981-04-29 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

29.04.81 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, intro to ´´Independence Day´´
´´Yeah, how you doing tonight? (crowd cheers) anybody here who was here last night? (crowd cheers)….(someone yells a request) we´ll do that later for you, ok?….in the second set….this is, uh, this, it´s gonna be a long show so you guys ought to sit down (?)(chuckles) ….this is called ´Independence Day´….I need a little quiet for this, thank you…..(the music starts)….I grew up in this house where….where people never really talked to each other…. and I remember when I was a kid I always wondered what my old man was so mad about all the time….´cause ever since, ever since I could remember, all he did was get up in the morning and go out back and try and get, he´d buy these 200-dollar cars that he´d have to get started every morning and he´d go to work and he´d come home and at night he´d just sit in the kitchen with the lights out, smoking a cigarette, drinking some beer, waiting for, waiting for I, I don´t know what, I guess waiting for it all to go away or something….but it seemed whenever we used to talk, like when I was, like, 16 or 17, when I was just starting to become a man, we´d have nothing good to say to each other and…..and it wasn´t until about three years ago, I was at my aunt´s house and she gave me this picture of my father and my mother in 1946 and I could hardly recognise him because he was standing there in this suit and he looked, he looked like John Garfield, he was looking at the camera like he was gonna eat the photographer and, you know, and he looked so young and he looked so, he looked so strong and, and that wasn´t the same, that wasn´t the same….man that I grew up with….and I guess if, if you don´t find out things, if you don´t find something that keeps you alive eventually it all gets eaten out of you, your insides just get teared up and you got nothing left ….and it was funny ´cause when I was a kid I couldn´t find it no place but, but I found it, I found it on the radio….and later I used to wish that I´d been able to go downstairs where he was sitting in the kitchen and say, and say like ´Hey, Dad, like, listen to this, you know, listen to this song by the Drifters or listen to this song´ because, because I found it in that music, I found….I found, it just seemed like a reason…..a reason and a promise, a promise of life….and it was the one, that was the one thing that he missed, he never had, he never had that promise of life, he lost it, when he was young, he came back from the war, he got married and went to work in a factory and it killed him his whole life and to him all that music used to just sound like noise, it never sounded like nothing, you know, and…..I just wish he could´ve heard in it what I heard in it a little bit….´´

29.04.81 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´Back in, uh, in 19, I guess it was 77, we played in Memphis, Tennesee….and it was late at night and me and Steve, we got in this cab and the taxi driver was gonna take us down to Elvis´ house, Graceland….and I was standing outside and the gates were locked and we were looking through and there was like, there was like one light on and I said ´Steve, I gotta go see if he´s home´ and I, and the taxi driver said ´No, don´t, they got big dogs there, they´re gonna eat you up, don´t jump over the wall´ (chuckles) I jumped over the wall and I ran up the driveway and I got, I got right to the door and this guard came out of the woods and said ´What do you want?´ I said ´Is Elvis home?´ (chuckles) and he said ´No, no, he´s in Lake Tahoe´ and so I told him that I got a band and we just played in town and he said ´Ok, you gotta go, you gotta leave´ so we (chuckles) he brought me down to end of the gate and we got out and it was later….it wasn´t too long after that that….that he died and….and the songs, when I seen him the last time, I seen him in Philadelphia and he looked old and he looked tired and the songs, the songs he sang the best, like he didn´t, I remember going hoping that he was gonna do all the old rockers but the songs he sang the best was this song called ´American Trilogy,´ which was a song about his country, and there was another song called ´How Great Thou Art,´ which was about, about the God that he believed in and….this song, this song is written by Woody Guthrie and it´s a song about living free and….it´s a song about not having to, not having to die, not having to be 55 or 50 and not being able to find a job or having to die poor in some factory and about not having to die in some big million-dollar mansion with a whole lot of, whole lot of nothing running through your veins because he deserved a lot better than that….´´

29.04.81 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, intro to ´´Wreck on the Highway´´
´´I´d like to, I´d like to ask you a favor: if there´s anybody, I couldn´t tell, I´ve heard a couple of noises during the night, if there´s anybody that has any firecrackers, please don´t set them off in the hall here, alright?….you´re gonna hurt yourself or you´re gonna hurt somebody who´s sitting around you so if you have firecrackers, please keep ´em in your pockets and save ´em for, uh, whatever you save ´em for (chuckles)….Fourth of July….thank you…..this is, uh, this is from ´The River,´ this is called ´Wreck on the Highway,´ I need….I need a little quiet for this, thank you very much….´´

29.04.81 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´We got with us….to the far left of the stage….on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….play it, Roy (Roy plays)….on the guitar, Miami Steve Van Zandt….on the bass, Garry W.Tallent…. on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici…..and last but not least….I´m talking about the king of the world…..I´m talking about the master of everything ….I´m talking about the emperor of all you can know….I ain´t talking about a bird….I ain´t talking about a plane….I don´t care who you bring down here, baby, ain´t none of them suckers can stand to the power and the glory of the Big Man Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….and bigger than life and twice as (?) - me….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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